EXTENDED RECOVERY. Recover all day or all night long utilizing nature’s best strength-building protein. Premium micellar casein releases a steady stream of amino acids over the course of several hours.

  • 100% Made in USA
  • 25g Protein
  • 5.1g BCAAs
  • 4.6g Glutamine Precursors

*Directions For Use: 1 x Scoop in plenty of water.  The more water the better for using casein protein. Strength was made fairly sweet to help retain flavor given the extra water needed to best utilize, enjoy! 

Recovery is critical for elite athletic performance, day and night. AGN STRENGTH combines premium Micellar Casein & Whey in a performance-driven ratio designed to supply your body with a steady flow of amino acids over time. Whether you’re between daytime sessions or recovering during a restorative sleep, STRENGTH provides your body the fuel needed to lock in those hard-earned GAINZ.

Maximize muscle tissue development with AGN STRENGTH’s exclusive amino acid absorption profile. 100% made in the USA from pasture-fed cows on American dairy farms, STRENGTH contains a 70/30 ratio of premium micellar casein and whey. As a slower digestive protein, micellar casein provides constant amino acids over a longer period of time than whey protein alone, and has a proven reputation as the best slow-burning muscle builder, strength developer, and fat burner.

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