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      Sarah Robles, weightlifting champion

      It’s our honor to welcome to the American GAINZ family an inspiration to the strong everywhere: USA Weightlifting 2016 Olympic Bronze Medalist Sarah Robles!!!
      If you haven’t met Sarah personally through one of her weightlifting clinics or public speaking events sharing her journey to the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, we highly recommend taking the chance to become incredibly inspired. As a brand built upon 100% American sourcing, who better to support than USA’s own, representing the epitome of hard work, humble pride, and patriotism.

      It’s no secret that there’s been a popularity boom in the sport of weightlifting. The last time the U.S. won a medal in weightlifting was at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Tara Nott won a gold medal in women’s flyweight, while Cheryl Haworth took home a bronze medal in 75Kg+ Division—both extremely powerful lifters. The difference between these feats of strength and Sarah’s was simply the times in which they were accomplished. In 2016, with Crossfit still very much trending up in every category of growth, hundreds of thousands of new aspiring fitness athletes learned the name “Sarah Robles,” and still to this day Sarah continues to motivate and inspire.

      Sarah’s presence in the weightlifting community paired with recently received Olympic notoriety is very much part of the reason “strength” gyms have sprouted up throughout the country at record rates. We actually met Sarah at Texas Strength in Houston Texas as she was enjoying an Attitude Nation Seminar reminiscing with Jon North about the good old days. After speaking with her for 30 seconds it was an easy decision to welcome her to the American GAINZ family!

      Sarah’s most recent coach since 2014, Tim Swords, considered an expert on weightlifting in the USA with credentials a mile long, can easily attest to this rapid progression and interest in the sport, especially in the youth, as he is the owner of Amateur Olympic Weightlifting & Physical Conditioning in League City, TX. Sarah very much takes after Tim’s passion for coaching and volunteers regularly as an advocate for body-positive fitness.

      Her personal goals include becoming a wife, a mother, a coach (throwing, weightlifting, and conditioning), and continuing to practice her faith as a devout Christian. You can learn more about Sarah by visiting her website at

      Just to name a few of Sarah’s accolades as a weightlifter:

      Pan American Games

      • 2009 Pan American Championships: 5th place, 210.0kg (463 lbs) total
      • 2010 Pan American Championships: 2nd place, 239.0kg (527 lbs) total
      • 2017 Pan American Championships: 1st place, 275.0kg (606.3 lbs) total

      World Championship:

      • 2011 World Championships: 10th place, 249.0kg (549 lbs) total
      • 2015 World Championships: 6th place, 279.0kg (615 lbs) total


      At the London 2012 Olympics (her first Games), Robles ranked sixth overall. She achieved a 120.0kg (265 lbs) snatch and a 145.0kg (320 lbs) clean and jerk for a 265.0kg (584 lbs) total.

      At Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics, Robles won the bronze medal. She achieved a 126 kilograms (278 lbs) snatch and a 160 kilograms (350 lbs) clean and jerk for a total of 286 kilograms (631 lb).

      We at American GAINZ are stoked to usher in such an inspiring athlete and role model. We welcome Sarah with open arms to our unique family of athletes that all share the same star-spangled love for this country and believe in a performance nutrition as a lifestyle in order to constantly improve ourselves and give back to the community!!!