Rated Highest Quality Recovery Protein Designed for Athletes focused on Fitness - FAQ

1. Why is protein so important?

A: Protein plays a critical role in almost all biological processes.  The amino acids within the protein serve as the protein's building blocks.  When muscles are broken down from the stress of training, it's the amino acids that facilitate the recovery process, working hard to rebuild and fortify your muscle tissue bigger and stronger.


2. Are American Gainz products regulated by the FDA?

A: Yes, American Gainz products are all considered conventional foods and NOT “Dietary Supplements” by the FDA.  As you may or may not know, the FDA is not authorized to review dietary supplement products for safety and effectiveness before they are marketed. This allows the supplement industry to target markets with extreme effectiveness.  The easiest way to tell if a product is considered a Conventional Food or a Dietary Supplement is by referencing the back of the package; “Nutrition Fact Panels” are issued for foods, “Supplement Fact Panels” are issued for dietary supplements.


3. What’s so great about the Hydrolyzed Whey in AGN’s Tactical Recovery?

A: Tactical Recovery is not simply a Whey protein concentrate or isolate. Tactical Recovery’s protein has been hydrolyzed using a enzymatic bathing process. This process reduces the protein into tiny peptide sequences that can be immediately absorbed into the bloodstream.  Designed to be the leanest & cleanest recovery protein ever developed. 


4. Why does absorption matter when talking about the recovery process?

A: The faster protein is absorbed into your bloodstream, the faster it gets to your muscles, helping to produce the Gainz you want. It takes up to five hours for whole proteins, such as beef, chicken, or fish, to get into your bloodstream. For AGN’s Tactical recovery, we are talking about bloodstream absorption in minutes.


5. Talking about "The Big Scoop," why does the size of the scoop matter?

A: Premium whey protein is, by nature, fluffy and light in weight. Our full scoop weighs 32 grams and has a huge volume at 94cc. Now imagine if 32 grams fit into a 74cc volume scoop, ask yourself: Why is that product so dense? This may be an indicator that fillers, metals or moisture have been added to weight up the product. The reason being, the majority of main stream proteins are bought in terms of dry weight from over seas, more weight equates to greater profit margins for the suppliers. At AGN, we encourage you to pay close attention to serving size, protein content, and scoop size. The leanest & cleanest proteins are light and fluffy, when mixed with water they should reconstitute the same consistency as fresh wet whey. Whey is light; fillers are not. Don't be fooled and don't settle!


6. Compared to other products on the market in terms of how healthy they are, does Tactical Recovery have a competitive advantage?

A: As far as fats, sugars, cholesterol, excess carbohydrates, calories, and sodium, Tactical Recovery leads the industry on the health front. It contains, zero fats, zero sugars, less than 5mg of Cholesterol and only 110 calories per serving. We are extremely proud of the science, driven solely by athletic performance, that went into creating this product.  


7. Which American Gainz product best promotes weight loss?

A: American Gainz “Strength” is a perfect solution for athletes looking to naturally suppress the appetite with the goal cutting weight and using a protein as a meal replacement.  Our casein protein contains a high-quality blend of essential, nonessential, and branched-chain amino acids, and because of its super sticky nature, it takes several hours to digest leaving you feeling full much longer than typical whey protein concentrates.


8. How lean is AGN Tactical Recovery?

A: We are one of the leanest proteins on the market. The hydrolysate process creates a lean ~ 95% protein by volume, once we fortify that with our Added BCAAS and add our Dutch cocoa for flavor we have a product built for performance and that tastes great containing 86% Protein & Added BCAAs (2:1:1 ratio) delivering nearly 10 grams total BCAAs per serving.  Currently the #1 leanest & cleanest recovery protein in the industry.


9. What is Amino Spiking?

A: Amino Acid Spiking is a best kept secret among the majority of main stream nutritional supplement companies. This is not for you, but rather for elevating profit margins. Amino acid spiking is essentially the practice of dumping high amounts of the cheapest, least valuable amino acids into a product in order to cut costs while boosting the total protein content. This means that you’re not getting a complete protein source, but rather ineffective free form amino acids that contribute nothing to support muscle protein synthesis. Be aware of products that are not transparent of their Amino Acid Profiles, or profiles that say “Typical whey protein profile” but don’t say it’s their protein.

We are proud to be transparent with our Amino Acid Profile: 


10. As a competing Athlete, do any AGN products contain banned substances?

A:. AGN is committed to providing performance products that are free of all banned substances as per the U.S Anti-Doping Agency. Our Products contain No banned substances, but rather only the leanest premium  ingredients 100% made in the USA.


11. How much protein should I be taking per day?

A: The general recommendation for protein intake for active individuals is one gram per pound of body weight. So if you weigh 68 kg (150 lbs) you should try to consume 150 grams of protein per day. If your goal is to gain weight you may want to supplement your protein intake with a higher intake of carbs as well. However If you’re looking for a protein to support a lean physique, AGN Tactical Recovery is an excellent choice because it contains next to nothing in terms of fats, carbs, cholesterol, and sugars.


12. What about the days I’m not training: Should I be taking Tactical Recovery?

A: While Tactical Recovery is specially designed to lock in your GAINZ post-workout and create huge boosts in performance,  everyday consumption provides the benefits of a clean, hiqh-quality protein with a fraction of the fat & cholesterol.


13. Whey upsets my stomach, will American Gainz protein products help with this?

A: Yes! What we have found is that athletes with sensitive stomachs rejoice in the fact that AGN Tactical Recovery contains next to zero lactose and ZERO fillers.  Most well marketed protein powders unsettle the stomach not because of the whey, but rather the fillers and undisclosed ingredients that make up the majority of the serving.  This is why we are the #1 leanest & cleanest protein in the game, you will feel the difference. immediately. 


14. What American Gainz Product is best for Muscle Growth & Size?

A: Although Whey protein is very popular for many reasons, the protein contained in cow’s milk responsible for the growth potential allowing baby calves to double in size over and over again is actually 80% Casein Protein and only 20% Whey Protein.  Whereas Whey is excellent for immediate post workout solutions and kick starting muscle repair, it’s impossible to argue with nature, with the right diet, Casein provides the size.