Brand Ambassador Jon North

John North photo

We are honored to usher in Jon North as our brand ambassador as he embarks on the next phase of his life—the Light Orchestra. Jon North is known for a multitude of weightlifting achievements, and has gained immense favor in the Weightlifting and Crossfit communities for his mindset, life experiences, and his effectiveness in sharing his value for the betterment of others.

Jon’s legacy in The Attitude Nation continues to flourish as he travels the globe slamming bars and teaching weightlifting technique. As a result, Gainz are achieved and celebrated at all levels of competition. These “Gainz” are what the Jon North and American GAINZ partnership is about. The time has come to get on board the GAINZ Train and allow your mindset and nutrition to unite as we welcome Jon to the American GAINZ Family.

A few of Jon’s cherished life events include:
The Dark Orchestra book by Jon North

  • Husband to wife Jessica North
  • Father to son Lincoln North
  • National Champion Weightlifter
  • American Champion 
  • 2x Arnold Champ 
  • 4x USA Team Member 
  • Owner & Coach of the online team 
  • President of 
  • Author of the book - The Dark Orchestra 
  • Movie buff, donut lover, dog dad, family man 
  • Christian: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me – Phil 4:13”