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      American GAINZ Nutrition was built on the motivation of serious athletes who, above all else, live for making GAINZ and have a passion and love for this star-spangled country.  

      The American Gainz movement started in the box by athletes thriving in the Crossfit community out of Houston Texas.  EADO Crossfit in East Downtown is our home base with our legacy roots stemming from Crossfit Katy, Crossfit Overtake, Contender Crossfit, Kiss My Crossfit, and several others.  We are not industry people, we are simply athletes with like backgrounds in food science that have the passion and desire to create actual performance nutrition products, not “supplements”.  Each one of our products is considered a “Conventional Food” by the FDA and starts in the box with real athletes of all walks of life volunteering to be a part of our sensory and performance testing.  We love our community and strive to serve with it with the utmost transparency & integrity.        

      The Beginnings

      Driven by a commitment to athletic excellence, our inspiration began after extensive research on the supplement industry. Our findings were astonishing: We found a nutritional supplement industry super-saturated with expertly marketed low quality products created  by businesses that have zero motivation beyond their bottom line and essentially stand against everything that makes up the box culture. 

      The Reality

      Unfortunately, this means that many of us have been consuming cheaply made, foreign protein shipped into the USA loaded with heavy metals, sugars, MSG, moisture, hormones, antibiotics, non-essential free-form amino acids, and more fillers than actual protein. We were alarmed to note that even the most health-conscious athletes want to believe in the promises offered by the best marketed brands. Athlete beware, more often than not, these well marketed brands offer only low quality, filler saturated, contaminated protein, and for premium prices. These are not products that contribute to our greatest health.


      The challenge became clear

      It was up to us to develop a line of trustworthy, healthy, AMERICAN made products. Before long, we founded American GAINZ Nutrition and created our first whey protein product, TACTICAL RECOVERY, currently the #1 leanest & cleanest recovery protein in the industry.

      Our mission is to become the recognized industry leader for world-class nutritional supplements and to hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and transparency when formulating our products.

      Here’s what that means to us:

      INTEGRITY: Through extensive 3rd party testing, we guarantee that our products are what we claim they are, the leanest & cleanest recovery products on the market. We utilize Analytical Food Labs out of Carrollton, Texas (USDA accredited in food chemistry).


      All of our ingredients are 100% traceable from farm to delivery point with zero gaps in the manufacturing, handling, or shipping process.

      Understanding Supplement Labeling

      We encourage our athletes to stay away from products that are not clearly labeled “100% made in the U.S.A.” or that contain “proprietary blends.” Here’s the skinny on why:

      Traceability of non-American Nutritional Supplements:

      When products are not 100% produced in the USA, traceability and quality control become huge concerns. From what source did that powder originate? What regulations did the supplier follow? Is this truly a lean & clean protein? Since overseas supplements are purchased by the pound, more weight equates to more money for the supplier. Often, they load down their products with harmful agents such as heavy metals and moisture to pad their margins.

      When these products arrive in the USA, these fillers and harmful additives are not filtered out but rather in some cases, added again by the middle man to drive even greater profits.

      This is why at American GAINZ Nutrition we only source products made in the USA with 100% traceability from local American farms to our consumers with zero gaps and zero middlemen. 

      Please do yourself this favor: Avoid the 5lb tubs of Lead, Arsenic, Mercury, Chromium, Selenium, and Cadmium. Look for “No Heavy Metal” claims and “100% made in the USA” on every package of whey protein as well as all the supplements you purchase.

      “Proprietary Blends”—in other words “Non-disclosure”

      Products that contain “proprietary blends” in their ingredients are equally a problem. This is a term often exploited as an industry loophole because, while legal to claim, it discloses nothing of what’s actually in the product. Are you really comfortable consuming something if the manufacturer isn’t comfortable telling you it is?

      Which protein would you rather ingest?

      1. “Enriched protein w/growth factors – proprietary blend”

      2. “Polydextrose Mono- & Di-Glycerides, Dipotassium Phosphate, Tricalcium Phosphate, Soy Lecithin and Tocopherols, Cellulose Gum, Yellow #5, Salt, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium, Papain and Bromelain, Whey protein concentrate”

      Both (1) and (2) above contain the same ingredients—the difference is that one is dangerously vague.

      What to look for

      Premium proteins ONLY contain the minimum: Protein, Natural Flavors (cocoa, coconut etc…), and a Sweetener—and in that order. If Fructose is your 1st or 2nd ingredient, no doubt the powder tastes good because it is predominantly fruit sugar. Added fructose does not support GAINZ.

      Be healthy and strong, America.

      American GAINZ Nutrition fully supports charitable organizations that support our American Armed Services Veterans. We encourage any and all efforts in giving back to those patriotic Americans who have given us all so very, very much.