Winning the 2015 CrossFit Games - Written by Janet Black

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Winning the 2015 Crossfit Games
Written by Janet Black

“I won the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games!” It’s been almost a year, but saying that out loud takes me back to every moment leading up to this achievement. How did I get there? I started by training alone.  This forced me to use the power of my mind and to create mental competition. The competition that I had imagined in my mind was far greater and stronger than reality. When you repeatedly tell yourself that someone else is working harder, lifting more, or going faster, you start to believe it and push yourself even further. My experience in 2014 was another huge motivator for my 2015 success. In 2014, I was officially 40 years old and sitting in 2nd place behind CrossFit icon Amanda Allen. I felt the pressure. I was out there, on my own, facing areas of weakness and I got spooked. The result? A 7th place finish. As I entered the 2015 season, my goal was simply to have fun. Of course, the podium was a goal, but I wanted to get back to why I started CrossFit in the first place. Competing through fitness is fun and after training alone all summer, I could not wait to work out amongst others my age.

Fast forward to the 2015 Games … On day one, I had to overcome my worst workout – Bar MU’s/GHD. Thankfully, it wasn’t the GHD I had feared. I surprisingly finished the workout in the top 10 (7th) followed by a 3rd place on the thruster max and a 1st place on the third workout. This was, by far, one of my favorite moments! I always go into the Games with a 1st place finish as one of my goals. I was able to nudge out Amanda Allen by seconds and I was pumped! It was Day One and I was currently 1st place in the Reebok CrossFit Games!?! Making the long walk up from the competition floor back to the athlete area, I found myself smiling and with tears coming from my eyes. This single moment will last me a lifetime.   But I knew it was early and there was a lot more work to be done. Going into day two, I was excited to compete and play some more. Sure enough, I came out on top once again! After each workout I would check the scoreboard and my name never moved – I could not believe it! The reality of the podium was drawing near, but I also knew we still had an unknown workout going into the final day. Although I was sitting in a solid position going into day 3, I never accepted winning as a certainty. Fighting through to get to the final workout was the goal. Once there, my coach told me that I needed to beat one person. My initial response was “who?” What I didn’t understand at the time was that he was telling me I only had to beat a person – if I didn’t finish last, I would win the Games!

A 3rd place finish in the final workout solidified my position on top of the podium! I started the weekend in 1st place and never came out of that position. It wasn’t until weeks later when the reality of winning the Games by 50 points hit me. The entire weekend was a true, surreal moment. I found myself randomly smiling for days to come and saying to myself – I WON THE GAMES. I had fun and I WON!

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