Why Can't We Be Friends - Written by Camzin Martin

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Why Can't We Be Friends
Written by Camzin Martin
Photo Credit: Mariana Gonzalez

Recently some of my training partners and I have become involved in a friendly competition in static handstand holds; fueled by our competitiveness along with the fact that the loser has to take the winner out for a cheat meal complete with dessert does elevate the stakes.

As inspiration one of my teammates tagged me and my other teammate in a video where this dude pike-pressed into a handstand atop a tower of dumbbells taller than his standing height. The backdrop appears to be a nice, air conditioned fitness facility with an escalator that carries a man suited in a T-rex costume down behind him, so a pretty fun looking place, amazing actually.

I'm tagged in the comments, so when navigating to our little conversation I stumble across an internet comment war that began with the innocent enough question, "Where is this?"

"Must be a CrossFit gym, those [expletive]s always doing dumb [expletive] looking for attention."
As the argument got more heated, shots were fired both by and at Crossfitters, conventional gym-goers, body builders, callisthenic athletes, and even some yogis.

Which is pretty sad.

Now my community is not innocent in this problem, the leadership in CrossFit is known for stirring the pot. However, as the "enlightened" in each of our disciplines we can lose sight of the virtues of physical fitness in general.

For most of us we turned over a great many stones before we found where we fit, before we found the community that connected, the discipline that became more than a habit and changed our lifestyles. If speed walking is what you do for health, it sure beats sitting on the couch.

Whatever community you belong to, let us be the change. Try something outside of your comfort zone. You do body building? Give zumba a go. You do CrossFit? Try acro yoga. You do what you do, try something you've looked down on. Chances are you'll find it's harder than it looks, and maybe we find some common ground.

The internet trolls will always exist, but each of our communities are minorities compared to popular culture and lifestyles. Together we can be so much more influential than we can apart. 

So let's come together over our shaker bottles and support one another, even if we don't pursue fitness in the same way.

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