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Preparing for Next Year’s Open
Written by Camzin Martin - 3rd Place South Central 2018 Reebok CrossFit Open

The 2018 Reebok CrossFit Open has been full of expected and unexpected surprises. Some of the unexpected surprises included the introduction of new skills & improved (if you think so) movement standards, and let’s not forget the tasking of the CrossFit community to vote on the last workout! As far as what was expected; every year there’s one thing the Open carries with it. No matter your skill level, the Open will always poke holes in your game and expose and then exploit your weaknesses, it’s what makes the Open fun.
This simple fact holds true even for Matt Fraser, although further establishing himself as the most dominant male in the sport, I would like to think that even Matt would admit that he too learned something about his weaknesses during this year’s Open.

In mentioning this, let’s take a step back and reprocess what the 5 weeks of live announcements were like. If you were gathered around the tube with your CrossFit crew watching the The Dave Castro; How many of us when Castro said “18.X is….”, heard a panicked voice in the back of our head praying “Oh please not _____ …” or “If _____ please in low volume…”? We all know what we thought, and 99% of us are guilty of fearing whatever weakness we have, it’s human nature. But…

The 2019 Reebok CrossFit Open Will be a different story:
19.1 is less than a year away, so on the bright side, you have time to train your weakness. This way, 19.X can be ushered in with open arms and the omission of crossed fingers, lucky relics, and or praying hands. Something’s we simply already know. Handstand walks are coming again and so are muscle ups!

Get a Plan:
To fail to plan is to plan to fail, a saying so cliché because of how true it is. If you aren’t going into this year with a 52 week vision of what you’re going to do each week to demolish this goal, then you should. Don’t wait until later, start now and start with purpose.

Get Perspective:
If you’ve been writing your own programming, or working on this weakness on your own, and you still haven’t conquered it yet, it may be because we tend to avoid what we don’t like to do, and we shy away from the failure required to grow. Download a free template designed toward your goals, or pay for one, or go all in and hire a coach. You know how disciplined you are or how much help you need, bite the bullet and commit to what will WORK for you. There’s a reason why programs like Compete Elite, MisFit, Black Magic Training, Invictus exist, and it’s not because its super intuitive to train optimally!

Get Support:
If you’ve hired a coach, develop a working relationship that keeps you accountable but also encouraged. If you’re in it alone, get some friends involved or supporting you. The grind is real, and so much progress is made in the days, weeks, and months where you feel like you’re treading water. Success is built in those moments when you press on when quitting seems like the only choice, and having a support system in place makes staying the course all the more likely.

Get Started:
Do it. Do something right now to take a step toward your goal. Email that coach you’ve been thinking of reaching out to. Text your friend and tell them you’re committing to getting after that goal. Whatever comes to your mind, take that step and get after it.

When 19.1 gets here you’ll be glad you started today!

~ Camzin Martin, CrossFit Central Houston

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