Reebok Crossfit Open 18.2 Strategy

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2018 Reebok CrossFit Open 18.2 Strategies
Written By American GAINZ Nutrition

2018 CrossFit Open Workout 18.2 – Let’s call it “All Out & Recover”

CrossFit Website Link: This workout begins with the dumbbells resting on the floor and the athlete standing tall. After the call of “3, 2, 1 … go,” the athlete may lift the dumbbells to the shoulders and perform 1 squat. The athlete will then return the dumbbells to the floor and complete 1 bar-facing burpee. He or she will then complete 2 dumbbell squats and 2 bar-facing burpees, 3 and 3, etc. This portion of the workout is over when the athlete lands with two feet on the opposite side of the barbell after the final burpee, or when the clock reaches 12 minutes.

If the athlete completes all the squats and burpees before the 12-minute cap, he or she will use the remaining time to complete Workout 18.2a, a 1-rep-max clean. The clean must be performed with a barbell, and the plates must be secured with collars. The athlete may complete as many attempts as he or she likes until the time cap is up but will only receive credit for the heaviest successful lift. Plates smaller than 1⁄2 lb. may not be used, and the minimum weight increase will be 1 pound. The athlete may receive assistance from other people to load the barbell between lifts. Each athlete may use only one barbell for 18.2 and 18.2a, and male athletes must use a 45-lb. (20-kg) barbell.

The athlete’s score for 18.2 will be the total time it takes to complete all 110 reps or the number of reps completed at the end of 12 minutes. The athlete’s score for 18.2a will be the heaviest weight successfully cleaned, in pounds. If the athlete does not complete the squats and burpees in less than 12 minutes, he or she will not log a score for 18.2a. The athlete’s score will be the total number of repetitions completed within the 20-minute time cap. Each calorie completed on the row will be equal to 1 rep.

Big Picture
18.2 is an all-out sprint. Below are the leader’s splits during the Vellner & Ohlsen Live Announcement.

Round 1: 00:07
Round 2: 00:17 (10 seconds)
Round 3: 00:30 (13 seconds)
Round 4: 00:47 (17 seconds)
Round 5: 01:09 (22 seconds)
Round 6: 01:35 (26 seconds)
Round 7: 02:06 (31 seconds)
Round 8: 02:43 (37 seconds)
Round 9: 03:28 (45 seconds)
Round10: 04:05 (37 seconds)

Notice the incremental change per rep.  Each additional Squat + Burpee added anywhere from 3 seconds (round 3) to 8 seconds (round 9).

As far as a guide to shoot for. Assuming the above reflects a standard set by an Elite Athlete (Facts), here’s our prediction of how the scores will fall once on the Leaderboard come Monday for 18.2.

18.2 Men & Women
Elite & Short: < 4:15 & < 4:40
Elite (Regional Contention): < 4:30 Men & < 5:00 Women  
Top 500 in the Region: < 6:00 Men & < 7:00 Women
Top 1,000 in the Region: < 6:30 Men & < 7:45 Women
Top 2,000 in the Region: < 8:00 Men & < 9:00 Women

For women our money is on Marisa De Los Santos out of the South Central region to be top 5 in the world in this event SUB 4 Minutes!!!

 For guys, Dakota Rager is a good bet!

18.2a Men & Women
Elite as Strong AF > 350lbs Men & 230lbs Women  
Regional Invitation Contention (Top 20 in US Regions): > 345 lbs / 220lbs
Top 500 in the Region: > 300 lbs / 180lbs
Top 1,000 in the Region: > 275 lbs / 165lbs
Top 2,000 in the Region: > 250 lbs / 145 lbs

• Small athletes with small levers have a huge advantage on 18.2.
• Big strong (in shape) athletes have a huge advantage on 18.2a.
• As you have probably observed, the days of the lungless meat heads in your box dominating the heavy lift portion of the leaderboard are over. The Castro has essentially structured this workout such that you have to be in shape in order to be eligible to post a heavy single score. We expect some massive lifts, however to some degree, the big lifts will be normalized because everyone should be gassed.
• These are basically 2 separate workouts – Treat them as they are, do not try and save yourself for the clean or you will be out of contention on the leaderboard due to a weak 18.2 score; to the point where a heavy clean can’t save you. Remember the Open Leaderboard rewards consistency, if you add a disadvantageous outlier to your precise grouping, your leaderboard goals maybe shot.
• Ohlsen & Vellner were ~ 10-15% off of their respective 1 RM cleans. So maybe a good target to shoot for is 80-90% on that lift.
• There’s not going to be a massive variance in scores within the upper echelon athletes (top 500 in the region). Literally, EVERY SECOND & POUND will have huge impacts on the leaderboard.

General Strategy
So overall pace isn’t as important on this workout as it’s so short, unlike 18.1, if you go out too fast, the penalty isn’t anywhere near as severe. If you go out too slow, well, that’s what the “redo” is for.

The workout is so short, you should be able to gut it out before rigor mortis sets in, so error on the side of “going out aggressive” would be our advice.

What is important however, is where you put your mental emphasis. In this workout, the burpees naturally take more time. We liked Vellner’s strategy of attacking the burpees and then using the DB squats to breath and keep moving. Unfortunately for him, "no-reps" cost him this victory.  So, if you're going to die, don't do it on the burpee portion of this sprint. A slow burpee will penalize you a great deal as the difference between a fast burpee and a slow burpee can easily be 3-4 seconds.  A squat however, even if you squat slowly, you're looking at 1-2 second variance between a lot and a little effort. 

You can’t afford “No Reps” on this workout, especially on Burpees as your entire rhythm will be shot. As you saw, before Vellner even realized he was “no-rep’d”, he had already committed to the next “No Rep” as he jumped over the bar instead of completing the original rep in good fashion.

BE SAFE – this is the classic opportunity for the Anti-Crossfit Community to create a youtube montage of “Crossfit fail” videos. Don’t be that guy and be smart about your lifts. Starting at ~65% and working up may be a good strategy.

There’s tons of burpee over bar strategy out there, heres a link to the new Standard Video if you want to ensure your burpee is Open ready.

We hate to say this, but in this workout the Judge matters a great deal. This is the open, you get to choose your judge, although its not the responsibility of the judge to coach you during the workout, there’s no rule that states a Judge can’t give you a warning when you’re on the border of being “no rep’d” before you actually cross that line.

Stay away from the overly anal CrossFit Coach, every gym has one, or two! These are the coaches that compete to judge the Regional year after year and at one point, probably no rep’d an athlete on a good rep and cost them a Games opportunity, happens every year, and they enjoy the power!!! 

So, to be on the safe side for your burpee, ensure you jump & land with both feet simultaneously. Keeping your feet together makes the risk of getting called out on the classic “pitter patter” of one foot landing too early compared to the next fairly low.  This can easily become an issue for those turning in the air and not quite making the complete 180 degree turn.  The tendency being to widen the landing (separating feet) to have the furthest foot from the bar in the burpee start position to avoid an extra set-up step.  

Practice the power clean into standing-tall motor skill, and then squat. As a competitive athlete, once you’re exhausted you will naturally want to squat clean that first rep, DON’T DO IT, as it will cost you.

Your legs are going to be blasted. As soon as you get off the floor, walk around, or at least sit up while you switch out your shoes and put on your belt.  Unless you have a difficult belt to set, we don't see a reason to keep your belt so tight when you not approaching the bar.  It's much harder to breath and therefore recover when the belt is engaged.   Rest Loose & Lift Tight.

Get your mind right, you have to know that the first lift is going to feel like a house, so make this attempt count and let it be your confidence builder, something you can lift completely gassed. The last thing you need to do is rush to failure, MAKE THE LIFT.

If you miss the lift, don't worry as the intent of this opener was met.  You now have shocked your system and understand what this is going to feel like.  We suggest adding weight and going into your second planned lift.  If you missed by a long shot, well it may be obvious at that point, rest longer and re-attempt.  

18.2 a
Olympic Shoes – Yes
Belt - Yes
Preloaded bar (with clips & ½ lbs plates on both sides) – Yes

It was fairly obvious, however if you didn’t catch it - Although Vellner finished 18.2 after Noah due to some unnecessary “no reps”, Vellner's heart rate and breathing were seemingly able to be controlled and because so, he seemed to recover faster than Noah. It will be interesting in seeing what Noah posts after his redo, but we imagine if he had the chance to do this again, he would have waited another minute before making the opening lift, and then after standing up slowly under 275 lbs would have taken more time before attempting the 301 lb lift.

Recognize that both athletes after about ~6:00 upon finishing the metcon all the sudden caught a second wind and gained some noticeable bar speed on their lifts. At one point, Vellner was yelling for more weights! Now for the majority of us, we advise planning for no more than 3 attempts.  No doubt the mass majority of competitive athletes will not have 7 minutes plus to lift. 

Well we will keep this page as up to date with the latest strategies and tips the community discovers between tonight and the 18.2 & 18.2 (a) submission deadline. Until then, best of luck and try to hit this one hard, the first time, to avoid an unnecessary repeat. GOOD LUCK!!!

~ American GAINZ Nutrition

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