Crossfit Open 17.3 Strategy - Written by Jenn & Jared Astle

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2017 Crossfit Open 17.3 Strategy
Written by Jenn & Jared Astle
This workout is straight out of the 2016 regional play book with an unexpected twist to make you breathe just a little bit heavier; a challenging combination testing both high volume gymnastic skills and heavy technical lifting under fatigue.

At first glance on paper the rep scheme isn't that intimidating. Small sets of chest to bar pull ups, followed by smaller sets of full snatches.  This type of a “time bonus” work out has been debuted in the open before; work fast, earn more time. I think the first 8 minute goal may be too long of a period for you use to easily gauge pace, so I recommend thinking about this interval in terms of 2 x 4 minute intervals. The total number of reps that need to be completed in 4 minutes is very mentally doable, however you’ll be making a mistake if you are basing the time it takes you to complete these reps in the later rounds when your body is fresh. Remember, once fatigue begins to set in, you’ll need to adapt and change your rep/rest ratio.

For those that read last week’s 17.2 strategy, you now understand why I put so much emphasis on hand management. If you ripped badly last week during 17.2 or maybe a redo, do your best to protect your healing hands as you never know what’s coming in week 4!!!

For the warmup, stick to your routine, however I recommend adding in some glute and shoulder activation through some light banded work. If you are going to perform some snatches, hitting a nice confident 75-80% snatch before starting won’t take away from your wod, but will get you right mentally.

Some athletes will be best served doing small sets of chest to bar, with a quick rest and getting right back on the bar.  Myself personally, I feel like quick turnaround doesn't let me keep my heart rate controlled which is needed for me to ensure I don’t miss any lifts. Don’t miss your lifts!!! Although I'm pretty proficient at the chest to bar movement, there is absolutely no reason to go ham on them. Two sets on all of them keeps the reps few enough that even when you are tired you can just jump right back up to finish.  You just can't rest too long here as you will need that extra time to prepare yourself to lift the heavier weights.

Full Snatch
Your snatch should be methodical. During the light weights, provided the weight is light in comparison to your 1 rep max, I suggest doing fast singles. If you can easily hang on to the whole set, go for it, it seemed to work out for Fraser during the first 8 minute interval of the 17.3 live announcement, just keep in mind, he is also the fittest on the planet. ;)
As the weight gets heavier, the single reps should still be within rhythm, but only pull when you know you are ready to hit the weight.  No one can tell you that moment, only you will know when you are ready to execute. If a 135# snatch for a male is automatic, however 225# is like 85-100% of your 1RM, your goal should be to get through the 185# bar round and to the 225# bar/round with the most time available as this will be the round the workout most likely ends on.
Misses during a workout like this are incredibly detrimental, especially at the heavier weights. Use the support of the box, but don’t make an attempt prematurely, your friends will be yelling at you to go faster and pull harder, but do not rush and miss what you could execute successfully a second or two later. Remember that every snatch rep gained in this workout will have a great impact on the leaderboard.
Capitalize on where you can make your money. If snatches aren't your jam, move through the chest to bars and take your time on the snatches. As always, it’s just another work out!  Have fun for heaven sake!


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