American GAINZ Introduces "CORE"!

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At American GAINZ Nutrition we rely heavily on the fitness community to shape the direction of our performance nutrition offerings.  THANK YOU to all of our supporting athletes from around the country!  Your input is incredibly valuable and led to the development of our latest creation - American Gainz CORE!  

We have listened, sourced, and created a product we are stoked to launch as we welcome in the 2018 competition season.

After overwhelming success during the last stages of sensory testing, we are excited to share the basis of the “AGN Core” design with our community as we prepare for launch!

Performance Nutrition
• 25 Grams Protein from Whey
• > 5 grams of naturally occurring BCAAs

Organic & Natural Ingredients
• Nothing Unnecessary – Protein, Flavor, & Sweetener
• Pasture-fed Premium Whey, Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Cocoa, Sea Salt
• The cleaner the ingredients, the cleaner the taste, the better the product…FACT

Quantity & Package
• 2 ½ lbs.  –  ½ lb more protein than the typical 2 lb. quantity
• Same durable material and gym bag compatible stand-up pouch

• We simply added Organic Cocoa, so naturally, that’s what it tastes like!
• Sea Salt - yes, a pinch of sea salt was added after the second sensory trial to smooth out the raw silhouette of cocoa

• Organic Coconut Sugar - Fastest growing natural sweetener sourced in the U.S.
• Reformulation process for the new and improved Tactical Recovery is taking place now!

• AGN Core is just sweet enough to balance the natural bitterness of cocoa

 USADA & WADA & FDA & Lab Testing
• Although the USADA does not certify, endorse, or approve supplements, Core is NOT a supplement. It’s protein from milk with all natural ingredients.
• Categorized by the FDA, AGN Core is considered a conventional “food” product
• American Gainz Nutrition guarantees our products do not contain any ingredients on the WADA prohibited list.
• 3rd Party Lab Results for all products will be posted to the website before the new year!

If you have any questions or ideas for future products, please feel free to email us

Adam & Bryan – Founders
American Gainz Nutrition