Crossfit Open 16.4 Strategy - Written by Jenn Jones and Jared Astle

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Crossfit Open 16.4 Strategy
Written by Jenn Jones and Jared Astle

This workout is a true test of moving moderate weight and body weight consistently over the course of the 13 minute cap. It is a classic chipper with a twist at the end. You need to constantly be moving! The key to winning a chipper is to always be moving. Small, quick sets with minimal rest are king in this exercise domain. Don't get sucked into doing huge sets that you are unable to sustain.

The Deadlift isn't exceedingly heavy, but over the course of 55 reps, it will take its toll on your CNS (Central Nervous System).  How much you can deadlift will delineate how many reps you do at a time.  If this weight is less than 50% of your DL, 1RM (holding to at least 10-15 reps at a time) is a good plan.  Take a few seconds off tension then get back on the bar. Do smooth reps that allow you to breath and stay aerobic as long as possible. If it is more than that, you need to come up with a good game plan before you begin. My suggestion would be something like 10-9-8-7-6-5-5-5.

The Wall Balls should be treated the same way.  Stick to sets you know that you can work through with minimal rest in-between. Then pick up the ball and do work. Don’t forget to breathe - saving a larger set to push the boundaries for the end of this movement will be advantageous. 

It’s okay to be a little gassed going into the Row since when you first mount the rower, it will take a few pulls to find your rhythm and regain your breathing.  Remember rowing is highly technique driven.  If you can be efficient with your stroke you will save your arms and lungs for the rest of the work to be had. The row is long! Take your time and recover. If you sprint you may make up 30 seconds but the cost of that time will be extremely high in regards to your output, and therefore isn't worth it. Find a pace you can settle into, one that will allow you to prepare yourself for the HSPUs.

Don't waste time getting off the rower and onto the wall for your HSPU.  Your arms should be fairly fresh to get a good set in off the bat.  If you are a HSPU boss, still pace yourself. Burning out on the first set will be a costly mistake.  Be smart and move quickly thru the sets with minimal rest and NO MISSED REPS.  Tight midline with feet flexed to ensure your heels meet the standard line. You need to look at doing sets of 10 here if you want to be competitive. For everyone else, focus on consistency throughout this movement. Consistent rest then consistent work. Small, quick sets is a great strategy.

Depending on when you get off the wall, it’s time to empty the tank and stay in the pain cave.  Don't worry so much about pacing, but rather pushing the limits as you most likely won’t have much more than a couple of minutes left to get the rest of your reps in.

This workout, like all others, requires a strategy. Be disciplined and trust your body. Good Luck!!!

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