Crossfit Open 16.3 Strategy - Written by Jenn Jones and Jared Astle

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 Crossfit Open 16.3 Strategy

Written by Jenn Jones & Jared Astle


Bar Muscle-ups - another new movement. If you are like us, your first thought was “Damn my forearms are going to hurt”, and then your second thought was, “I have to figure out how to keep moving”.


You have to move! Does this mean you have to do 10 unbroken every round? Absolutely NOT. Does this mean you need to be consistent in your movement pattern? YES -  don’t get suckered into doing muscle snatches in the first few rounds. This strategy will force your heart rate to spike and crush any chance you have at maintaining a strong grip.

When you approach this workout you need to look at it as if it is an extended Randy. If you go back to Regionals or ECC team workouts and watch any of those guys do Randy, you will see all of them recruiting their legs and doing power snatches. You will shorten your ROM and turn a full pulling motion into a pull and a push. THIS IS IMPORTANT as the MU is also a pull.

Watching the Open announcement you could see Nick Paladino lose his grip and forearms about 3 minutes in. You should have also noticed how fast he came out of the gate. Again, this workout is about consistency in pacing. Your snatches should always be unbroken. If you do need to break them up, have a plan.  Do not go into the workout and just whimsically take rest breaks. This is a recipe for disaster as you will take significantly more rest than you need. Lastly, HOOK GRIP THAT SHIT.

Muscle Ups:

No excuses - when you get onto the bar you are doing all three. The amount of time it takes to drop down and jump up between every rep vs. taking the rest up front to ensure you hit all three is significantly more. If need be, rest at the top, but no matter what, you have to do these unbroken. Other than that, there isn’t a lot of strategy for these.  Make sure you are utilizing your swing and your hips as much as you possibly can.


This workout is all about the pacing. You need to sit down before this WOD and find out how long it takes you to do 10 snatches and 3 MU at a manageable pace with minimal rest. You then need to use that to find out what a slow pace for you is and how you feel after about 3 rounds of that very slow pacing. With that information in hand, come up with a round goal - i.e. “I want to do 7 rounds”. If that is your goal, you now have an easy metric for pacing -  one round a minute. This doesn’t mean if you finish in 45 seconds you rest for 15 seconds.  You must move this entire workout. That just lets you know that you are on pace and have room to slow down if you need to. This also lets you know if you are moving way too fast! You must run your own race. Remember, you based your round goal off the way 3 rounds of easy pacing felt, so if you are cutting your desired round time in half, you are definitely moving too fast.


Last but not least, warm up those forearms. No static stretching.  Dynamic forearm stretches are the key.

Get ready for the shoulder and grip burn ladies and gentlemen.

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