Crossfit Open 16.2 Strategy - Written by Jenn Jones and Jared Astle

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Crossfit Open 16.2 Strategy

 Written by Jenn Jones and Jared Astle

Okay, first things first, this workout can be approached two different ways.  To settle in on a strategy, you first need to be realistic with yourself and identify what part of the workout contains your biggest weakness. You are either weak at toes-to-bar and worried about fatigue, or your 1RM squat clean is close to one of these weights and therefore making that lift 7+ times while tired is farfetched.


Approach 1: I have the TTB of a sloth not a ninja.

 For you this workout is going to be about pacing and consistency. We saw Bailey and Gudmundsson come out with UB first and second rounds. Bailey finished the first round around 2:25 leaving him with 1:35ish until the cap. Why does this matter? Your first round needs to consist of short fast TTB with little rest between sets. 


Max UB TTB Guide: If you have…

5 or less = you are doing 25 singles. One rep, turn around and back onto that bar. Use the swing to conserve your abs and make these the fastest singles you have ever done. 

5-10 = you are doing sets of 3. Same thing as above, quick sets. Hit your 3 reps turn around and do it again.

10-20 = you are doing sets of 5.

20-30 = Set break down is 7-6-5-4-3. Make the turnaround fast!!!!! 

30+ = you are in the wrong pathway my friend!


We have to have a fast turnaround between sets because we HAVE to build up as much residual time as possible. We will talk about that later on. Also, be aware of what is fatiguing….is it your hip flexors, or your grip.  Grip you can vary, width, and mix grip.  If your hips are failing, you need to preserve your strength.  Drop your reps.  Your hip flexors will affect your squatting mechanics and ability. Just have a backup plan to stay moving if your initial set plan has to change. 


Approach 2: Friends don’t let friends skip leg day.

For you this workout is going to be about time! You are going to have to build up a large reserve so that you can rest and get one or two reps at that “brick wall’ weight. Your TTB sets need to be large. 15-10 is a good strategy. Bailey did 25 straight and if you are a ninja this may be the strategy for you, for the majority of us this will be suicide. This doesn't mean go slow, you have to come after this workout hard and fast, but with consistency of pace.


Big points to take away no matter what your weakness:

  • Tie break time is based off the 50th DUB. If you absolutely cannot clean the weight, get to that last DUB as fast as you possibly can.
  • Score differentiation is going to bunch at squat cleans.
  • If you can’t hit the weight GET THROUGH THE DUBS AS FAST AS YOU CAN, they are the tie breaker
  • If you can hit the weight but it is going to be like Atlas lifting the world, TAKE YOUR TIME. Recover and hit that first rep. One rep at every weight on this ladder will be hundreds of places. The same goes for two, three, etc. reps.
  • Residual time is huge! Build it up as much as you can by moving at a CONSISTENT pace. You must look at this as a 20 minute workout (or a 12 minute workout if that is your absolute 1RM) It is not a 4 minute sprint, and it is not an EVERY 4 MINUTES ON THE MINUTE. Build up your rest time so that when you need it to get those last few cleans to BOOST your score, you have it.
  • DUBS must be as UB as possible. You can’t waste time or effort on these. If you can’t do 50 straight, break them into 25-25 from the beginning. Or 20-20-10, whatever number you can hit all the time every time and take minimal rest between these sets.
  • Cleans, especially in the first few rounds are not about touch and go.  You need to be conservative and know your limits to your consistent pace.  You can’t waste time between reps, but you can’t red line here either, as you have to get back to the toes to bar.


Have fun with this one guys. It’s going to be rough and for some of us frustrating, but stick with YOUR plan and run your race. Don't get sucked into the guy or girl next to you as their pace isn't your pace. We hope you all crush it and have a good time enjoying the spirit of competition!

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