Unregulated Sources & Blind Spots

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Unregulated Sources & Blind Spots

So what’s the deal with protein supplements sourced from China or other foreign sources?

To answer this question let’s ask another. When was the last time you chose a dairy product at the grocery store that was sourced from China? So you don’t buy the yellowish jug of grade-A Chinese milk?

At American Gainz Nutrition, we rejoice in the fact that the USA just so happens to top the global rankings in both cow milk production and dairy processing. So if this is the case, if the USA truly has the supply, why do so many whey protein brands source elsewhere?

It’s simple. The answer is regulation. Regulation makes everything more expensive. Though bad for business, it’s critical for the prolonged health & wellness of consumers. In the USA, the EPA and the FDA both play important roles in ensuring your whey supplements are safe and healthy to consume.

These agencies as they relate to Whey:

  • Environment Protection Agency (EPA) - This is the agency that protects our agriculture and livestock from contaminated water sources, harmful pesticides, smog, pollution, unwanted bacteria, etc. (i.e. Clean Water Act, NPDES)
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - This agency is responsible for the methods, equipment, facilities, and controls required for producing dietary supplements. These are the guys that declare our processing and filling facilities as CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Processes) certified.

The sad truth is this - these regulatory bodies don’t exist abroad and if they do, they are merely hollow shells of what we would consider a stringent regulatory body.

Did you know that it is not uncommon for Chinese state-backed chemical factories to dump wastewater directly into farming irrigation ponds? The Wall Street Journal published an article titled “China’s Bad Earth” where it describes that state-affiliated research estimates 25 to 60 million acres of arable Chinese farmland may now be contaminated with heavy metals.

The WSJ goes on to state that this “is largely a consequence of two trends … the expansion of polluting industries into remote areas a safe distance from population centers, and heavy use of chemical fertilizers to meet the country's mounting food needs.”

Have you had your mercury levels checked recently? For athletes that consume multiple servings of whey protein powder per day, this heavy metal alert may be an important wakeup call!

Beware the blind spot! Brands that source from China or other foreign sources likely lack traceability and regulation at the sole expense of your health. This is an obvious reason why companies don’t advertise “Made in China” or “Chinese Sourced Whey” on their product label. It’s a clear admission of inferior, poorly regulated sourcing.

Challenge your protein selection by asking yourself:

  • Where is this product made?
  • How is it processed?
  • How is it shipped? How is it stored?
  • How many different handlers are adding fillers and reselling?

Challenge yourself to be informed about the origins of what you put in your body. Don’t settle. After all, you’d never choose to eat cheese or drink milk with no quality or environmental control – don’t take chances with your whey protein. If you can’t find answers, not only on where product is manufactured, but where all of the ingredients are sourced, find another - you deserve peace of mind. Ask questions and look deeper - your Gainz and well-being depend on it!

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