"Crush" the 2019 CrossFit Open

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"Crush" the 2019 CrossFit Open

Written By - American Gainz Nutrition

So the CrossFit Rule Book may have changed in 2019, but what hasn’t changed, plainly stated, is the amount of good-hurt you’re about to endure trying to earn yourself the best 2019 Open score you’re capable of.  At American Gainz we’ve been participating in the Open since 2012, and as a community fed company constantly learning from some of the fittest athletes on the planet, we are happy to share with you what we’ve found to be an easy focus items you can start working on today despite the Open steadily approaching to ensure you don’t get carpal tunnel scrolling through the leader-board to find your name come Monday February, 25th (19.1 Workout Score Submission Deadline).

The focus item we are exploring today isn't your core, it isn't your engine, in fact it's a bit more strategic than that. It happens to be your weak wet noodle of a grip! By focusing on your grip between now and March, we can all but guarantee large jumps on the 2019 CrossFit Open leaderboard compared to your 2018 Open placement. We like the "grip" because of how easy it is to make noticeable Gainz in that area compared to others; we think the grip can be fun to work on and is the easiest to realize a large performance improvement, thus helps to ensure you remain motivated!!! In this blog we only address our thoughts on grip training, but stay tuned as we have a lot to say about fast ways to make leaderboard Gainz training your core & engine, jk - without immense pain, there exist no such fast way to improve your core or engine #facts.

So Why Grip ?

Since 2012, 20 of the 30 weeks of the CrossFit Open included grip intensive movements and thus targeted and then exposed the “grip” as the main failure mechanism in executing the workout. There’s nothing worse than staring at a barbell with plenty of time on the clock and wind in your lungs, but not being able to grip & rip due to a failing fingers or forearms. Unlike movements like burpees or rowing, you can’t just decide to go “slower” on pull-ups to recover, once that grip is gone, you are at the full mercy of this exposure and it’s not fun.

Good News -

These grip intensive movements include, Chest-to-Bar, Muscle-Ups, Toes-to-Bar, light weight DB/Barbell cycling. The good news is that grip strength is easily obtained, especially If you haven’t been performing ancillary grip work already. To get your mind right, start viewing your hands as incredible tools of mass untapped potential; We say this because doubling your grip strength between now and the 2019 CrossFit Open is very possible, and this is not an exaggeration!

Quick Gainz - 

The not very well-known fact is, the Gainz made on your grip initially are not necessarily dependent on the long process of forming muscle mass or even tendon resilience. If you’ve ever been indoor climbing (bouldering) at your local rock gym, you may have experience what we are trying to communicate around how fast your grip can improve by simply starting to work on it consistently over the course of a few weeks.

If you want massive forearms or a brick for a hand, obviously that will take time to develop, however the early Gainz on the grip that will allow you to crush the Open are made in the brain, essentially training your brain to squeeze your hand harder. The current state of all the muscles and tendons that contribute to a stronger grip are all there already. They are simply waiting on the right signal from your brain to utilize them to their full potential. So if you haven’t been training your grip already, the bus is leaving, so get on it!

Call to Action:

Well first, Google it, research it, plan, execute the plan, then reach out and let us know your success story to share with others!  Or you can take our suggestions:

  1. Captains of CrushGrip Handles – If you are a strong athletic male already, start with the “T” (100lbs), and after 3 days move the “1” (140lbs). By the end of that second/third week you will be squeezing the “2” (200lbs) closed. If you are a strong woman consider starting with CoC calls the “sport” (80lbs). There is also one more at 60lbs of pressure to close. If you can’t squeeze it closed (handles touching) once, then move down a level. There exist all kinds of training programs and exercises you can find online using these grips. “Captains of Crush” are the absolute standard when it comes to training grip strength, so don’t buy a cheap plastic grip tool with an unknown tolerance, it’s a waste of money. The best part about Captains of Crush, is that you can gauge performance and prove our point about doubling your grip capacity. American Gainz is a company owned by both sexes, and we wouldn’t have dug in on the concept of Grip if we didn’t try it in house, IT WORKS for everybody!!!
  2. Dead Hanging – When that’s easy, hang longer. When that’s easy try to hang with a single hand. If you can hang from a bar with a single hand and stop yourself from rotating, you are all set as far as the ratios of strength needed to dominate, you are also probably a freak that’s naturally SAF. Something to work towards for all of us.  
  3. Plate Flipping – Developing that pincher strength is a fun way to make Gainz, but be careful, you could also easily end your 2019 Open with a nice broken foot if you try too hard 😊. Please don’t attempt barefoot. Check out this video for an example. 

Lastly, Like every year, we will post a strategy for each open workout beginning with 19.1.  Check it out on Thursday night 2/21 after the live show!  Good luck and start preparing today, The 2019 CrossFit Open begins soon!!! 

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