2017 Regional Breakdown Individual Events 5 & 6 - Written by Mekenzie Riley

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2017 Regional Breakdown Individual Events 5 & 6
Written by Mekenzie Riley

**Disclaimer: this has been written without testing anything yet; these are just my initial thoughts!!!


21-15-9 reps for time of:
Single-arm overhead squats

Men use an 80-lb. dumbbell
Women use a 55-lb. dumbbell

Time cap: 11 minutes

After OVER a year of kipping muscle up- less individual CrossFit Games competition, the gymnastics big guns return to the line up. That's right! Individuals have not seen kipping muscle ups in a Games competition since the 2015 Regional finale workout, in which there was a total of 15 reps.

Things have escalated only slightly since then, as we see TRIPLE the amount of those reps here. And in case you can't tell from the initial look of this workout, Event 5 is almost entirely a muscle up test.

There are however 2 tests here actually; 2 classic areas of challenge for even the most elite of fire breathers. These areas are: structural mobility/stability and high skill in gymnastics capacity. One of the two will get most people caught up, depending on individual abilities. Those who can surpass BOTH challenges, those are your top times.

High volume muscle ups will get your heart rate up and fatigue your upper body. Also, if you aren't naturally "gymnasty" hitting multiple high rep sets will become difficult quickly. Understanding your capacity is key and trusting in how to move through these reps for your best interest is the name of the game.

For those with thoracic mobility issues or squatting difficulty, the dumbbell might be a bigger challenge. Your arms are going to fatigued from the muscle ups, so that makes things even more difficult. And if you hit a no rep, whew, be careful! I can see lot of people struggling to achieve proper range of motion, resulting in extra time under tension in this position. And that is NOT something you want to rack up.

This workout can truly be described in 2 words: high skill.


For time:
30 / 25 cal. bike
20 burpee box jump-overs
10 sandbag cleans

Men use a 30-in. box and a 150-lb. bag
Women use a 24-in. box and a 100-lb. bag

Time cap: 6 minutes

Where is Vin Diesel? Cuz all I heard was fast and furious!!!
This event is going to hurt SO bad I can't even wait!! There is zero strategy here aside from BALLS TO THE WALL!

With the other side of the finish line holding a ticket to The Games, there is NO time to mess around on this event. This is really a question of "who wants it most?"

3 things to be on the lookout for:
1. People not getting that bike going and getting left in the dust. Power is EVERYTHING here.

2. People eating it on burpee box jump overs; yes you can use your arms but if you catch your toe, you'll still tumble. Trust me, it will happen.

3. The FUGLY techniques people will use to clean the sandbag quickly. Your erectors might hurt just watching this stuff. Oh, and then the waddle across the finish line, bag in tow, will be ugly AF as well.

This is pure grit and you will see the fighters come shining through. This workout gets me SO pumped up just thinking about it. LETS GOOOOO! 

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