2017 Regional Breakdown Individual Events 3 & 4 - Written by Mekenzie Riley

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2017 Regional Breakdown Individual Events 3 & 4
Written by Mekenzie Riley

**Disclaimer: this has been written without testing anything yet; these are just my initial thoughts!!!


For time:
100-ft. dumbbell overhead walking lunge
100 double-unders
50 wall-ball shots
15-ft. rope climb, 10 ascents
50 wall-ball shots
100 double-unders
100-ft. dumbbell overhead walking lunge

Men use an 80-lb. dumbbell and 30-lb. ball.
Women use a 55-lb. dumbbell and 20-lb. ball.

Time cap: 16 minutes

Ah, the classic chipper event. Characterized by round, high rep numbers and a longer time cap, every competition has one and I must say I look forward to them. As expected, this year’s chipper has some twists to it, in that, there are movements we have NOT seen before on the regional floor. So the things that immediately stick out to me are those. Let’s take a gander....

DB overhead walking lunge: like 17.2 only shittier. Luckily, these are single arm at a time. Can you imagine if it was BOTH? HA! So much failure, it'd be laughable. This is a true test of structural stability. We all think regionals is about strength and power and skill, right? JUST KIDDING, this year it’s about fundamentals of good/supported movement. Imbalances and immobility will destroy someone in these dumbbell single arm movements. The first 100' lunge will seem like NBD, but the return, after all the shoulder taxing...that's a real gut check test.

Short rope climbs: if you asked me to recall my worst event experience at the 2016 Games, it would be the worm/rope climb event. Not because it was that bad of an event, but because we severely under estimated the short rope. You think a big jump and a big pull and you can climb like a regular rope, right? Wrong. There is so much that can go wrong on that movement alone. It can wreck an entire workout for you. If you assume they are as sustainable as regular climbs, you are dreaming. 10 back to back will be a tasty treat mid workout.

Oh, and the wallball is heavy, so there's that.
At least there are a few double unders to help rectify all the wrong doing that is Event 3.


For time:
60-ft. handstand walk
10 toes-to-bars
10 double kettlebell deadlifts
60-ft. handstand walk
12 toes-to-bars
12 double kettlebell deadlifts
60-ft. handstand walk
14 toes-to-bars
14 double kettlebell deadlifts
60-ft. handstand walk
16 toes-to-bars
16 double kettlebell deadlifts

Men use two 150-lb. kettlebells
Women use two 106-lb. kettlebells

Time cap: 11 minutes

If I can stand fully upward after this event, I'll be impressed with myself. All I can think when I read this is:

Grip fest: 50 toes to bar alone will pump your forearms. Now grab ahold of 60% of your body weight IN EACH HAND and hold that for a while. While rep sets seem manageable, the volume and awkwardness of the KBs will add up. But on the plus side, you can close your eyes and imagine yourself in the final event of the 2015 Games. Maybe that'll give ya the push you need to hold on and grind out the reps in Ben/ Katrin style.

Core meltdown: 
Deadlifting a KB is NOT the same as a barbell. There is no relaxing; your constantly loaded. Otherwise, you're folding in half, for sure. After hella TTB and pulling these beasts, you are expected to kick up and keep a solid inverted overhead position? If you think I look stupid wearing a belt for HSW, once you try this combo, I think you'll understand. The only silver lining is the mandatory 30' drop and turn around; a programmed .5 second rest is pure gloriousness.

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