The Dream Team - Written by Camzin Martin

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The Dream Team
Written By Camzin Martin


EaDo Elite Blue finishes in 6th at the CrossFit Games South Regional closing the weekend out with some awesome scores, including a first place finish which held as a world record until it bested by CrossFit 808 in California.

I had the honor and privilege of being on that team this weekend and it has been my best Regional experience to date. I’d love to share with you some of the journey there, because it has been a special one.

Last season my husband and I moved with our little one to CrossFit EaDo where he assumed the role of Head Trainer and the Program Director of the EaDo Elite program. We were on the cusp of season starting and had a few new athletes move into the gym in the 9th hour. As a result, and with Connor not knowing the athletes very well, the team was decided based on Open results and the team that hit the field (while amazing athletes) hadn't had the time needed as a team to be well synced on game day, ending in 20th at the Regionals.

Connor and co-director Shane Rojas made the determination that this year would be different. The team would be a true team. Slots designated well before the Open. Training together, doing the same programming, at the same time multiple times a week, and working on team-style events in addition to individual-weakness programming. The team would know one another's strengths, weaknesses, abilities, pacing, cadence, and mental game. So that's what we did. And the kicker was that team had to declare team. If you wanted to go individual that was awesome and the gym would be totally behind you, but then you'd be on your own roster with no option to take a team spot if you didn't make your goal.

We all trained hard, but together. And we had a lot of fun. Each of us was assigned skill work to fix our holes and given cues and goals to maximize our strengths.

In the Open we took a risk. EaDo has a very deep field of incredible athletes who are super fit, but have a weakness or two precluding them from making it to the Regional stage at this time as individuals. We wanted to honor their hard work and dedication and their shot rather than putting their work all year towards having the top 6 make it. So the Blue team had 8 people in it. The 6 team members (Kevin McEnery, Victor Sanchez, Dallas Henson, Sara Fish, Rhett Chase, and me) and our two amazing alternates (Tobi Showumi and Taylor Cooley). No room for error. No extra individuals. And we squeaked in. Keeping 6 people 100% for 5 weeks is no small task and with no fillers any weaknesses could have been a big liability. But as individuals pulled out of their respective teams we climbed into a tie for 14th while Sara received, and declined, her Individual invite to stick with the team, putting us in a qualifying spot.


We kept training, kept having fun together, and this weekend did our very best. We PRed every workout from our training run through by an average of a minute. Sara did her 30 of the 60 HSPU quickly enough for a 10th place finish despite not being able to do two consecutive the previous year (she put in a LOT of work this year on those). On the snatch ladder (our team's collective weakness) everyone hit one or two more than in practice with Victor hitting his 1RM in the ladder at 245#. I got the 175# and finished the ladder, which was a big victory for me to be able to do so under that kind of pressure. Rhett pulled through for us on the running and OHS, Kevin on the snatches and deadlifts, Dallas on the HSPU and trio workout, and special mention to Victor for literally finishing out our weekend with a SPRINT on the legless rope climbs and thrusters.

We surprised ourselves and although any of us would tell you we are somewhat disappointed to come so close and not make it, we were all smiling at the end. I'm less sore than I've ever been after a Regional and after my best finish, same with the Open. The EaDo Elite program is not always fun, nor is it always fancy-looking, but it works. But beyond that, the EaDo crew and the INCREDIBLE team camaraderie and commitment that they have fostered here is uncommon at best. I have been so honored to be on this team and so humbled to share the stage with these athletes.

While it may be too early to say (because a team takes 6 people all making a commitment to one another before self) but I'm looking forward to working to be good enough to hold a place on the EaDo Team next year, because this is only the beginning.


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