"Crush" the 2019 CrossFit Open

Written By - American Gainz Nutrition

So the CrossFit Rule Book may have changed in 2019, but what hasn’t changed, plainly stat... Read More

Improvement Through Scaling

Written by: Camzin Martin

We’ve all done it, standing at the white board staring down the text, refusing to be intimidated by the reps, sets, and time domains. We launch into the workout with fervor before realizing we were so wrong. The weight was too heavy, the reps too many, or the movement too advanced; either way the fitness benefits of the workout were left unrealized and we walk away with feelings of se... Read More

Our initial Ignorance - The Sacrifice Seems Worth It

Written by American Gainz Nutrition

We’ve all seen it, and to be honest a large part of our community has felt it. The August 23rd edition of a Morning Chalk Up article titled, “How Greg Glassman is Reshaping the CrossFit... Read More

PB Gainz & Core – Protein Bars

Written by American Gainz Nutrition

We often get questions from the fitness community and this topic in the last few weeks seemed to be the most recurrent; The health-conscious fitness athlete looking for a healthy protein bar to bridge the snack gap between meals.

Just like your powdered P... Read More

What it Took to Make the 2018 CrossFit Games

Written by: Kenzie Riley - 2018 CrossFit Games Athlete

Despite qualifying for The CrossFit Games 2 years back to back, I can say with 100% certainty; I am a totally different athlete today in 2018 than I was in 2017. My first year competing as an individual at last year’s CrossFit G... Read More

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