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      Camzin Martin: Crossfit Regional Athlete / Crossfit Coach

      Camzin Martin: Crossfit Regional Athlete / Crossfit Coach

      Camzin Martin: Crossfit Regional Athlete and Coach

      "Over this last year of training while nursing my newly born baby girl, it was of utmost importance for me to consume only the cleanest supplements to not only enhance my recovery but to do so without putting my baby at risk. Before American GAINZ there really was a void in the CrossFit recovery protein market, especially if you didn’t buy into the mass marketed big names. As my training goals for 2016 include earning my third Regional Individual invitation, I'm proud to be taking the leanest and healthiest protein available." 
      —Camzin Martin

      Growing up strong, Camzin’s athleticism was grounded in the world of gymnastics. In her home country of South Africa, Camzin experienced success at both the regional and national levels before moving with her family to the United States. Once arrived and settled, Camzin continued to develop her athletic and mentoring talents as a gymnastics coach and was ultimately introduced to Crossfit by the use of friendly peer pressure.

      Since her introduction to the sport, Camzin received her Level 1 and shortly after earned her first individual regional invitation. Her achievements include being a two-time Regional Individual qualifier out of the SoCal Region, a one-time SoCal Team competitor, and earning several CrossFit certificates. One of Cam’s most admirable accomplishments has been her long-time involvement on the CrossFit Kids seminar staff; with her love of children it’s no secret as to why she has become an incredible mother to her one-year-old daughter.

      “We at American GAINZ are so lucky to have Camzin in our corner; she has an unwavering passion for supporting the athletes around her and is truly a role model in the fitness & nutrition community. Thanks for your support!!!” 
      —American GAINZ Nutrition

      Photo Credit: Sierra Prime

      Jenn Astle: Crossfit Games Veteran / Registered Nurse / Black Magic Training

      Jenn Astle: Crossfit Games Veteran / Registered Nurse / Black Magic Training

      Jenn Jones, athlete for American GAINZ crossfit whey protein

      "Fitness is not only about end performance, but rather a journey in achieving goals that meet your definition of success.  Whenever asked about my best Crossfit performance throughout the years, I’ve always answered, 'my greatest fitness successes are not from competition, but instead earned from coaching, serving others in reaching their full potential.' American GAINZ Nutrition is all about helping others achieve their greatest level of fitness and health; this is why AGN has my support.”

      —Jenn Astle 

      For the last 6 years, Jenn Astle has been training, competing, and coaching in the sport of Crossfit.  She really needs little introduction as she is a 4-times Games Veteran, and several-time regional individual champion competing in several regions, including Mid-Atlantic Region, South Central, and now Super South Regions.  Throughout the years, Jenn has been a constant force in the off-season circuit, participating in several elite competitions such as Superfit Championships, Fittest Games, Wodapalooza, and ECC etc.

      Prior to CrossFit, Jenn was a collegiate gymnast at Western Michigan University, where she studied and earned a BSN (Bachelor of Science — Nursing).  Currently Jenn’s passion is using her degree to support the community. The overwhelming majority of Jenn’s time away from the box is spent working as a Nurse, supporting both a local high school and a hospital. When not serving patients, Jenn is a committed coach and athlete at Contender Crossfit in Corpus Christi, Texas where she is loved and supported by her, friends, fans and  husband, Jared Astle.

      Get more of Jenn Astle: CrossFit - Making Leaps and Bounds Video

      Become trained by Jenn & Jared Astle through their proven programming methodology BMT (Black Magic Training) showcased by recent success Bethany Branham earning 1st place Crossfit Open - South Central Region. 

      “Jenn is one of those classic all-star athletes that embodies exactly what our brand stands for. Her humble and gracious outlook brings amazing value to the box as well all those she is surrounded by. We are extremely thankful for Jenn’s commitment to both supporting her community, and dedicating so much of her time coaching others, a true reflection of the AGN brand.”

      —American Gainz Nutrition


      Brittany Chestnut: Regional Crossfit Athlete / Coach

      Brittany Chestnut: Regional Crossfit Athlete / Coach

      Brittany Chestnut, crossfit athlete

      “The thing you feed the longest is the strongest. This saying goes hand-in-hand with what I believe about performance nutrition. Health and wellness shouldn’t be about the perceptions built by the best marketed. I use American GAINZ protein because it is healthy and you can feel it.”
      — Brittany Chestnut

      Brittany has always been a versatile athlete; throughout her years she has excelled in swimming, track, volleyball, cross-country, and softball. When she achieved her first goal of becoming a collegiate athlete, she took softball as her main focus. During her student athlete career, Brittany earned a BA in Exercise Science. It wasn’t until after college that Crossfit sparked her interest. Calling Brittany “a natural” is an understatement: Not even a year in, Brittany qualified as a regional athlete in 2014, where she ultimately placed 7th in the North West region.

      Following her first performance at the 2014 Regional, Brittany was blessed to give birth to her first child in 2015, marking a year of growth in a way wholly outside of fitness. Despite the challenges of pregnancy and being a new mother to a now 9-month-old boy, Brittany has never ceased to develop her fitness, as she has continued to work out the entire time. Now well into the 2016 season, Brittany is excited and looks forward to competing in the Crossfit Open as part of the South Central Region.

      When Brittany is not being a full-time mother or training, she uses her education and athletic experience to coach Olympic weightlifting. Like so many of the athletes we support, Brittany thrives off of the success of others.

      “At American GAINZ Nutrition we are thrilled to support Brittany as she takes on the Open this year and continues to grow and inspire as a mother, athlete and coach.”
      — American GAINZ Nutrition


      Kristin Reffett – Extraordinary Person, 3 x Games Crossfit Team Athlete (Crossfit Mayhem)

      Kristin Reffett – Extraordinary Person, 3 x Games Crossfit Team Athlete (Crossfit Mayhem)

      Kristin Reffett, athlete for American GAINZ

      We are grateful to invite Kristin to the American Gainz Squad.  Kristin who is very well known within the global Crossfit community for her time spent dominating the Crossfit Team division the last few years has set her sights back onto the Individual Division for the 2018 Crossfit Season.  Kristin’s free spirited nature paired with her addiction for competition creates the perfect balance between fascinating human and fierce athlete; the exact balance the American Gainz brand loves to be partnered with.  We are proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with Kristin to support her on her 2018 Crossfit Games run!!!   

      After watching “A Day in the Life of Kristin Reffett” we’ve realized that attempting to explain Kristin on paper is just too 2-dimensional, however we brought you the basics.  This next season you will most certainly be exposed to her talents during the South Regional (assuming regions don’t change) where she will have the chance to compete alongside other American Gainz Teammates and Regional & Games individual athletes; Bethany Branham, Jenn Astle, Brittany Chestnut, Amanda Garces, and Teresa Trojanowksi.

      The Beginnings

      During her time in college, Kristin balanced the demands of being a both Student & NCAA Athlete, ultimately graduating in 2011 from Murray State University with a bachelor’s in Accounting and MBA with an emphasis in accounting.  Throughout her time at Murray State, Kristin competed as an endurance athlete on both the University’s Track & Cross-County teams.

      Post college, Kristin accepted an accounting job which brought her to Nashville, TN.  It was here at Crossfit Nashville where Kristin fell in love with the sport of fitness.  After a couple years of working as an accountant and ready for a change, Kristin decided to follow her passion and pursue a career in health & fitness!  

      Since then Kristin has marked her 5th year as a Crossfit Coach & Personal Trainer achieving the following certifications to further develop her passion for fitness knowledge:

      • CrossFit level two
      • USAW level
      • ACSM - Certified Personal Trainer

      After Kristin’s first year going team in 2014 supporting Crossfit Nashville to the Central East Regional, Kristin joined up with Crossfit Mayhem.  Over the next 3 years, team Crossfit Mayhem performed at a historical level claiming two 1st place finishes at the 2015 & 2016 Reebok Crossfit Games followed by a 2017 2nd place finish.

      After this past 2017 season Kristin made the decision to get back to the individual side of the competition.  She’s currently executing her transition to Colorado and looking forward to a new adventure while making a fierce run towards qualifying for the 2018 CrossFit Games. No doubt 2018 will be a great change in pace and allow Kristin to dial in her other passions for rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking all while training.

      A few of Kristin’s Crossfit Related Accomplishments:

      2017 - 2nd place at CrossFit Games and 1st place at the Central Regionals with Team Crossfit Mayhem. 

      2017 - 6th place in the Open in the Central East region and 92nd in the world.

      2016 - 1st place at CrossFit Games and 1st place at the Central Regionals with Team Crossfit Mayhem

      2015 - 1st place at CrossFit Games and 1st place at the Central Regionals with Team Crossfit Mayhem

      2014 - 9th place at Central East Regionals with Team CrossFit Nashville

      2013 - 17th place at Central East Regional as an individual

      We at AGN are excited to witness Kristin add to the already interesting dynamic that is the Woman’s South Regional in Dallas.  We know she is as psyched as she’s ever been to make her mark on this season and we will stop at nothing to support her performance nutrition & recovery needs every step of the way…

      Welcome to the American Gainz Performance Nutrition Family Kristin!!!

      Ryan Sester : Crossfit Athlete and Firefighter

      Ryan Sester : Crossfit Athlete and Firefighter

      Ryan Sester, American GAINZ Athlete
      At American GAINZ we pride ourselves in supporting developing athletes in achieving their goals. In the hunt for athletes that share our values, Ryan Sester’s passion around competitive fitness, performance nutrition, and patriotism acted as a light beacon all the way from Portland, Oregon. We are honored for him to join the American GAINZ family, home of the squad that gives back to the Crossfit community and honors our servicemen.

      Family, Faith, & Fitness pretty much sums it up for Ryan. As a competitive athlete, Ryan excelled in football, wrestling, & track and field as a teenager. Natural athleticism paired with a massive work ethic forged by countless hours dedicated to the family farm are the components as we see them that make Ryan a future force in the sport of fitness. Presently Ryan is on the road to becoming a firefighter to support his community while training competitively.

      Day to day Ryan has been training with Team Dragon Fire out of the Portland based affiliate in the Northwest Region. Preparing to add West Regional Team Dragon Fire victories to his resume this June at the Portland Expo Center, Ryan plans to make this the first of many seasons competing at a Crossfit Regional & Games level. Just shy of making the cut to compete as an individual in the 2017 Crossfit Open in a very competitive region, Ryan will no doubt train to his gaps during the 2017 training season and make a run in the 2018 Open.

      Some of Ryan’s most notable Crossfit Accolades include:

      • 2017 Crossfit Open – North West Region 30th 
      • Cascade Classic Pro Division Individual 2015, 2016 (7th Place 2016) 
      • Granite Games 2016 Pro Division Individual 
      • Snatch: 300#, Clean & Jerk 335#, Back Squat 480# 

      We are stoked to have Ryan in our corner supporting true performance nutrition. Having the pleasure to work with several farms across the states, we have more than the upmost respect for the values of the American families that live off the soil that makes up the greatest country on the planet. Truly excited to have Ryan join the team and looking forward to growing with him!

      ~ American Gainz Nutrition