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      Athletes — weightlifter

      Marco Coppola / Crossfit Overtake Head Coach & Owner / Crossfit - Level 1, Strongman, and Movement & Mobility Certified

      Marco Coppola / Crossfit Overtake Head Coach & Owner / Crossfit - Level 1, Strongman, and Movement & Mobility Certified

      Marco Coppola, Crossfit Overtake Head Coach & Owner, Strongman, for American GAINZ Nutrition

      “I’m excited to support a local business, and American GAINZ has made it easy. With the mission of transparency and integrity sourcing all ingredients from the U.S. of A., what’s not to like?” 
      —Marco Coppola

      Meet Marco Coppola: Head coach & Owner of Crossfit Overtake, nationally ranked top 10 weightlifter (105 kg), NGPL Grid athlete (Miami Surge) as well as the powerhouse element on the South Regional 2016 Team Champions, #TeamDensity.

      Born and raised in Texas, hailing from North Houston, Marco grew up playing multiple sports which ultimately lead to a 17-year career playing football. Starting at just 6 years of age and finishing as a professional playing at the highest levels, Marco developed a solid skillset he now calls upon moving heavy weight—and moving it fast—in the sport of Crossfit.

      With a formal degree in Exercise Sport Science, head coach Marco understands the value of education & experience when cultivating a close knit, family-oriented box. Just a few accolades that lend to his leadership & coaching abilities:

      • 2013 American Open, Dallas TX. 8th place, 94kg.
      • 2013 Crossfit Regional Team, South Central Region. 6th place.
      • 2014 American Open, Washington DC. 7th place, 105kg.
      • 2014 Crossfit Regional Athlete, South Central Region.
      • 2014 Grid Athlete, NGPL Miami Surge. Semifinalist.
      • CrossFit Games Regional athlete 2013-2015
      • National Level qualified Weightlifter 2013-present
      • NPGL - Grid athlete for Miami Surge 2014 & 2015(Won Best Barbell Mover)
      • 2016 South Regional Team Champions #TeamDensity 

      Although fitness means a lot to Marco, he cherishes nothing more than time spent with his family, consisting of 2 English Bulldogs and beloved wife. Extremely humble in his successes at such a young age, Marco acknowledges and is thankful of everything God has blessed him with.

      “We at American GAINZ Nutrition are proud to welcome such hard working and dedicated professional to our roster of AGN athletes. We look forward to supporting Marco and his ambitions to further develop the community and program he’s built over the last several few years in Spring, Texas.” 
      —American GAINZ Nutrition


      Sarah Herse - L1 Crossfit coach, competitive powerlifter, and a lover of all things fitness!

      Sarah Herse - L1 Crossfit coach, competitive powerlifter, and a lover of all things fitness!

      Sarah Herse - L1 Crossfit coach, competitive powerlifter for American GAINZ

      We welcome to the American Gainz family Sarah Herse!!! Sarah caught the attention of American GAINZ Nutrition as she seemed to literally be everywhere we were. Emerging in all areas of health and fitness, it wasn’t long until we recognized the alignment of her values with ours, and had to send her the invite. We are stoked to support her!!

      Sarah’s journey with exercising-for-time started in 2014 when she discovered Crossfit while vacationing in Belize. With a background in dance and gymnastics, the Crossfit skills involving timing, mobility, and grace easily fell within Sarah’s wheelhouse. At this time in Sarah’s professional life, she was leveraging her MBA from Cornell University and working as a management consultant.

      It was in 2017 when the decision was made by Sarah to walk away from the corporate lifestyle and pursue happiness full time. If you ever get the opportunity to meet Sarah, you will quickly understand how she defines “happiness.” Happiness happens with a barbell and maybe some yoga pants; everything fitness in between is simply bonus.

      Since the step change in career, Sarah fills her passion for mentoring and teaching others by coaching multiple disciplines around strength and conditioning in the Houston area. She also works on the finer details of athletes as a personal trainer. By not being tied down to any particular style of fitness, Sarah’s focus remains dynamic, tailoring a regimen based on desired goals, everything from 50 lbs increase on a deadlift to looking and feeling sexy teaching a booty class.

      As a competitor, Sarah trains daily. By being fluent in Crossfit, Powerlifiting, and Olympic weightlifting, Sarah continues to constantly learn and add to her library to teach from. She recently earned an achievement as a 57 kg powerlifter with USAPL, when Sarah qualified for the 2017 Nationals.

      In the years to come, Sara wishes for continued growth in the world of fitness and to ultimately incorporate her business background to expose even more people to the amazing aspects of feeling great every day!


      Carrie Sabo: CrossFit Athlete / CrossFit Gym Owner and Head Coach / National Qualified Olympic Weightlifter / Certified Personal Trainer

      Carrie Sabo: CrossFit Athlete / CrossFit Gym Owner and Head Coach / National Qualified Olympic Weightlifter / Certified Personal Trainer

      Carrie Sabo: 	CrossFit Athlete,  CrossFit Gym Owner and Head Coach,  National Qualified Olympic Weightlifter,  Certified Personal Trainer

      “I spend countless hours in the gym between coaching and training. Recovery plays a huge factor in my performance. American GAINZ post-workout protein is clean and easy on my sensitive stomach. I am so glad to have found a product that I can trust for myself and also for my athletes and clients.”
      —Carrie Sabo

      Sports and physical activities have played a huge role in Carrie's life. Growing up, she excelled at many different sports including figure skating, basketball, soccer, and competitive track and field, specializing as a pole-vaulter. After high school, Carrie began regular weight training with the hopes to compete in figure competitions when she discovered CrossFit.

      Carrie has been training and competing in CrossFit for almost four years and USAW Olympic Weightlifting for almost one year. She became a certified personal trainer in summer of 2014 and received her CrossFit Level 1 in spring of 2014. She and her boyfriend Michael opened their CrossFit box—Man Made CrossFit—in fall of 2014.

      Carrie finished top 50 in the South Central Region the past two years (38th in 2015 and 46th in 2016) and qualified for the 2016 USAW American Open at her very first sanctioned weightlifting meet. Carrie not only has a passion for training at a competitive level in both CrossFit and Weightlifting, but an even bigger passion for coaching and helping others reach an elite level of fitness.

      “We are beyond proud to support Carrie’s passion for health, wellness, and nutrition, which makes her the perfect addition to the American GAINZ Athlete Family. Her energy is contagious as a coach and resonates throughout the extremely sought-after culture established by all the members at Man Made CrossFit!!!”
      —American Gainz Nutrition

      Jordan Weichers: Olympic Weightlifter / Head Crossfit Coach

      Jordan Weichers: Olympic Weightlifter / Head Crossfit Coach

      Jordan Weichers: Crossfit Athlete, Coach, and Weightlifter

      “As I’ve become more health conscious around nutrition, choosing a recovery protein that I can trust is extremely important to me.  American GAINZ Recovery protein works, is clean, and you can actually feel the difference. It's 100% aligned with USADA standards and traceable from farm to shaker. Love this product. Go USA!!!”

      —Jordan Weichers 

      Meet Jordan Weichers, one of our first athletes to measure success in terms of kilos, rather than pounds. She is a 22-year-old weightlifter and head coach at Crossfit H-town (Houston, Texas) competing in the 58kg weight class with current personal record lifts @ 84kg Snatch and 111kg Clean & Jerk.

      Jordan started competing competitively in the sport of weightlifting in the spring of 2015 and found immediate success in the sport. She is currently ranked 3rd in the USA in the 58kg weight class and 15th overall in all weight classes. Prior to weightlifting, Jordan was an alternate on CrossFit Kilo’s 2014 and 2015 CrossFit Games Team while earning an Exercise Science Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Northern Iowa. Although she found great success in CrossFit, her passion for weightlifting has certainly become her main focus. In March 2016, Jordan achieved the opportunity to become a member of California Strength’s Weightlifting team!!!

      Some of Jordan’s accomplishments are as follows:
      • Senior Olympic Trials February 2016: 
        83kg Snatch and 105kg Clean and Jerk. Finished first in the 58kg weight class and 3rd overall in all weight classes
      • American Open December 2015: 
        3rd in Clean and Jerk (105kg) and 5th Overall (182kg) in the 58kg weight class
      • Nationals August 2015: 
        6th in Clean and Jerk (100kg) and 17th Overall (170kg) in the 63kg weight class
      • Weightlifting Regionals May 2015: 
        3rd in Clean and Jerk (96kg) and 3rd Overall (164kg) in the 63kg weight class
      “We are extremely excited to have Jordan as a part of the American Gainz Team!  Being an Olympic weightlifter, Jordan understands the importance of utilizing a protein that doesn’t expose her to unnecessary calories or fillers as making weight is a critical piece in the world of Olympic lifting.  As a rising star in weightlifting, we support Jordan in all her future successes as a lifter and coach -- love the energy and patriotism, keep it up!!!”
      —American GAINZ Nutrition