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      Athletes — track

      Ryan Sester : Crossfit Athlete and Firefighter

      Ryan Sester : Crossfit Athlete and Firefighter

      Ryan Sester, American GAINZ Athlete
      At American GAINZ we pride ourselves in supporting developing athletes in achieving their goals. In the hunt for athletes that share our values, Ryan Sester’s passion around competitive fitness, performance nutrition, and patriotism acted as a light beacon all the way from Portland, Oregon. We are honored for him to join the American GAINZ family, home of the squad that gives back to the Crossfit community and honors our servicemen.

      Family, Faith, & Fitness pretty much sums it up for Ryan. As a competitive athlete, Ryan excelled in football, wrestling, & track and field as a teenager. Natural athleticism paired with a massive work ethic forged by countless hours dedicated to the family farm are the components as we see them that make Ryan a future force in the sport of fitness. Presently Ryan is on the road to becoming a firefighter to support his community while training competitively.

      Day to day Ryan has been training with Team Dragon Fire out of the Portland based affiliate in the Northwest Region. Preparing to add West Regional Team Dragon Fire victories to his resume this June at the Portland Expo Center, Ryan plans to make this the first of many seasons competing at a Crossfit Regional & Games level. Just shy of making the cut to compete as an individual in the 2017 Crossfit Open in a very competitive region, Ryan will no doubt train to his gaps during the 2017 training season and make a run in the 2018 Open.

      Some of Ryan’s most notable Crossfit Accolades include:

      • 2017 Crossfit Open – North West Region 30th 
      • Cascade Classic Pro Division Individual 2015, 2016 (7th Place 2016) 
      • Granite Games 2016 Pro Division Individual 
      • Snatch: 300#, Clean & Jerk 335#, Back Squat 480# 

      We are stoked to have Ryan in our corner supporting true performance nutrition. Having the pleasure to work with several farms across the states, we have more than the upmost respect for the values of the American families that live off the soil that makes up the greatest country on the planet. Truly excited to have Ryan join the team and looking forward to growing with him!

      ~ American Gainz Nutrition