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      Athletes — parent

      Brittany Chestnut: Regional Crossfit Athlete / Coach

      Brittany Chestnut: Regional Crossfit Athlete / Coach

      Brittany Chestnut, crossfit athlete

      “The thing you feed the longest is the strongest. This saying goes hand-in-hand with what I believe about performance nutrition. Health and wellness shouldn’t be about the perceptions built by the best marketed. I use American GAINZ protein because it is healthy and you can feel it.”
      — Brittany Chestnut

      Brittany has always been a versatile athlete; throughout her years she has excelled in swimming, track, volleyball, cross-country, and softball. When she achieved her first goal of becoming a collegiate athlete, she took softball as her main focus. During her student athlete career, Brittany earned a BA in Exercise Science. It wasn’t until after college that Crossfit sparked her interest. Calling Brittany “a natural” is an understatement: Not even a year in, Brittany qualified as a regional athlete in 2014, where she ultimately placed 7th in the North West region.

      Following her first performance at the 2014 Regional, Brittany was blessed to give birth to her first child in 2015, marking a year of growth in a way wholly outside of fitness. Despite the challenges of pregnancy and being a new mother to a now 9-month-old boy, Brittany has never ceased to develop her fitness, as she has continued to work out the entire time. Now well into the 2016 season, Brittany is excited and looks forward to competing in the Crossfit Open as part of the South Central Region.

      When Brittany is not being a full-time mother or training, she uses her education and athletic experience to coach Olympic weightlifting. Like so many of the athletes we support, Brittany thrives off of the success of others.

      “At American GAINZ Nutrition we are thrilled to support Brittany as she takes on the Open this year and continues to grow and inspire as a mother, athlete and coach.”
      — American GAINZ Nutrition