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      Kerry Moritz: Fitness Competitor / Fitness & Diabetic Wellness Coach

      Kerry Moritz: Fitness Competitor / Fitness & Diabetic Wellness Coach

      Hey! What's in your tub?

      I had That Tub in my kitchen for a long time—you know what I mean, the big plastic container of whey protein. For years whey protein powder has been a fixture in my life and in my fitness routine; we all know the benefits of a protein shake after a hard workout. But until American GAINZ cued me in to Tactical Recovery, there was one thing I didn't think about:

      What they did is prompt me to look at the scoop. So I did. The one in my plastic tub was around 40 grams, but it only contained 20 grams or so of protein. This was the first day I ever asked myself, “What's in the other 20 grams?” It wasn't all accounted for.

      I didn't think about it before because I trusted that whey protein isolate was simply good for me. This moment was surprising, because as a diabetic and a coach who is passionate about helping others, it is critical that I take a second look at what my clients and I are eating. It's part of me, my life and my work—passion to be conscientious and dedicated to health.

      This question became important to me. But after looking around, I wasn't able to get any good explanation of why I've had to consume countless grams of unknowns over the years along with my 20ish gram servings of protein. That was the moment when I understood the value of Tactical Recovery.

      I would never tolerate ambiguity in my training. I made the change to Tactical Recovery because I realized that the big plastic tub meant I was accepting ambiguity in my whey protein. I consume hydrolyzed whey protein isolate on a daily basis, and I have for years, and I plan to for many more years. It's important to me to know what I'm consuming, down to the gram. I respect that American GAINZ can track the source of every ingredient, and can track them to an American source. Of course I like those big-time BCAAs fortifications, and I like knowing their exact breakdown. It's an excellent product. Plus Tactical Recovery tastes great.

      But the real reason I've become a big fan of Tactical Recovery hydrolyzed whey protein isolate is because I trust it. I'm never going to spend another year consuming unknown fillers from unknown sources.

      —Kerry Moritz, Fitness Competitor/Diabetic Wellness Coach