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      Athletes — military

      Jared Astle: Crossfit Regional Athlete / Navy Veteran / Black Magic Training Owner

      Jared Astle: Crossfit Regional Athlete / Navy Veteran / Black Magic Training Owner

      “You will immediately taste and feel the difference, Tactical Recovery is the leanest and cleanest hands down the best post workout recovery protein in the industry”
      —Jared Astle

      Jared served in the US Navy for 6 years as an Aviation Rescue Swimmer and Crew-chief on an MH-60S. During this time he had completed four deployments spanning the breadth of the Middle East while performing a multitude of duties.

      Jared AstleAlways focused on health and fitness, Jared did “dabble” in a few Crossfit-type workouts while in the Navy—knowing Jared, this probably meant sub 3 fran & sub 2 grace—but it wasn’t until late 2013, during his final deployment, that Jared truly committed to the sport of fitness and began Crossfit.

      Post military and back in Houston soon after just starting Crossfit, Jared worked his way to qualifying as an individual in the 2014 Crossfit South Central Regional, where he placed 8th with the likes of Mike McGoldrick and Roy Gamboa.

      In 2015, Jared competed at Regionals as the top male athlete to finish the open on Team Eado, the box most notably known for games veteran athlete Jenn Jones who has since become Jenn Astle as Jared fell in love and swooped her up.  Currently Jared trains with Jenn as part of Contender Crossfit's Regional Team with their eyes at the 2017 Games in Madison. 

      Continuing to support the Crossfit community, Jenn & Jared are the proud creators behind the proven Black Magic Training (BMT) Crossfit Athlete programming. Their recent success programming for Bethany Branham as she won the South Central 2017 Crossfit Open has the Crossfit community at full attention and excited for whats to come.        

      Jared Astle, American GAINZ athlete

      Jared doesn’t just serve the Crossfit community; Along with this passion, Jared is a devout Christian and owner of Christian-based apparel company Fire Within based on the scripture from Jeremiah 20:9.

      “But if I say, 'I will not mention his word or speak anymore in his name,' his word is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in my bones. I am weary of holding it in; indeed, I cannot.”

      “Jared truly embodies the core of the American Gainz brand. As a US Navy veteran and now serving the city of Houston as a firefighter it’s not hard to see that Jared’s heart is with helping others. His intensity as an athlete and coach continues to inspire the Crossfit community and we are proud to sponsor Jared Astle as an American GAINZ Athlete.”

      —American Gainz Nutrition