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      Athletes — medical

      Jenn Astle: Crossfit Games Veteran / Registered Nurse / Black Magic Training

      Jenn Astle: Crossfit Games Veteran / Registered Nurse / Black Magic Training

      Jenn Jones, athlete for American GAINZ crossfit whey protein

      "Fitness is not only about end performance, but rather a journey in achieving goals that meet your definition of success.  Whenever asked about my best Crossfit performance throughout the years, I’ve always answered, 'my greatest fitness successes are not from competition, but instead earned from coaching, serving others in reaching their full potential.' American GAINZ Nutrition is all about helping others achieve their greatest level of fitness and health; this is why AGN has my support.”

      —Jenn Astle 

      For the last 6 years, Jenn Astle has been training, competing, and coaching in the sport of Crossfit.  She really needs little introduction as she is a 4-times Games Veteran, and several-time regional individual champion competing in several regions, including Mid-Atlantic Region, South Central, and now Super South Regions.  Throughout the years, Jenn has been a constant force in the off-season circuit, participating in several elite competitions such as Superfit Championships, Fittest Games, Wodapalooza, and ECC etc.

      Prior to CrossFit, Jenn was a collegiate gymnast at Western Michigan University, where she studied and earned a BSN (Bachelor of Science — Nursing).  Currently Jenn’s passion is using her degree to support the community. The overwhelming majority of Jenn’s time away from the box is spent working as a Nurse, supporting both a local high school and a hospital. When not serving patients, Jenn is a committed coach and athlete at Contender Crossfit in Corpus Christi, Texas where she is loved and supported by her, friends, fans and  husband, Jared Astle.

      Get more of Jenn Astle: CrossFit - Making Leaps and Bounds Video

      Become trained by Jenn & Jared Astle through their proven programming methodology BMT (Black Magic Training) showcased by recent success Bethany Branham earning 1st place Crossfit Open - South Central Region. 

      “Jenn is one of those classic all-star athletes that embodies exactly what our brand stands for. Her humble and gracious outlook brings amazing value to the box as well all those she is surrounded by. We are extremely thankful for Jenn’s commitment to both supporting her community, and dedicating so much of her time coaching others, a true reflection of the AGN brand.”

      —American Gainz Nutrition


      Stephano Tsaganis: Crossfit Regional Athlete / Medical Industry

      Stephano Tsaganis: Crossfit Regional Athlete / Medical Industry

      Stephano Tsaganis, Crossfit Regional Athlete

      Photo Credit: Andrea Creppel

      “American GAINZ Recovery Protein is a must-have product, being able to train and compete successfully—and more importantly stay injury free at 29 years of age—is worth its weight in gold.”
      —Stephano Tsaganis

      Like many successful Crossfitters, Stephano’s athletic career started as a child playing soccer, baseball, and football. His passion for football landed Stephano the opportunity to play college ball as a cornerback at an NAIA school in Fremont, Nebraska. After a short time in Nebraska, Stephano found himself back in Texas where he then began to focus on the bigger picture of academic success, maintaining his competitive edge only by playing flag football.

      After graduation, Stephano built up his engine by training mostly as an endurance athlete either running distance (Marathon PB 3:48) or biking the MS150. It was about this time during 2012 when Stephano was introduced to Crossfit by means of a friend competing in the 2012 open. Talked into trying 12.5 (horrible ladder of c2b and thrusters) by the local coaches at the box, Stephano left the box with the highest score and “Fran cough.” This was the event that hooked Stephano into the Crossfit community.

      It wasn’t long before Stephano’s fitness goals included earning an invite to the Crossfit regional competition. In 2013 shortly after committing to Crossfit training, Stephano qualified for the South Central Regional. The rest is history. Stephano’s most notable finishes include:

      • 2013: Finished 21st in the Open and 19th at Regionals
      • 2014: Finished 5th in the Open and 11th at Regionals
      • 2015: Finished 10th in the Open and 33rd at Regionals
      • 2016: TBD

      When Stephano is not training, he is working full time advancing his career in the medical industry as a medical device sales representative. Although a very stressful field that requires undivided commitment, Stephano has his priorities in order with his family (including girlfriend & dog) being at the top of the list. Training has since become more of a “get away,” enjoyed now more than ever.

      “At American GAINZ we are proud to support such an amazing athlete and professional. Crossfit has become such a specialist full-time gig for those who wish to compete at the Regional & Games levels, so we definitely find it refreshing when we can work with athletes who represent the majority of people: training with full time jobs and families. Keep up the great work, Stephano!”
      —American GAINZ Nutrition


      Leah Kay: Crossfit Regional Athlete / Registered Nurse

      Leah Kay: Crossfit Regional Athlete / Registered Nurse

      Leah Kay: Crossfit Athlete for American GAINZ Nutrition whey protein isolate

      “When searching for a brand that owns an unwavering commitment to quality, purity, and health, American GAINZ has it, delivering the cleanest post-workout protein perfect for the Crossfit space.”
      —Leah Kay

      Leah has never been a stranger to the world of athleticism or fitness. Her athletic career stems all the way back from childhood, highlighted in the sport of Volleyball, where she was part of a back-to-back high school state championship squad. Her achievements afforded her the opportunity of playing in college where she excelled as a libero for Trinity University in San Antonino, Texas. After graduation and the conclusion of NCAA competition, Leah naturally fell in love with Crossfit as a means to continue her pursuit to train, compete, and otherwise develop her athletic talents. Leah gives special thanks to Paul Scheuer at Body Armor CrossFit for introducing her to the sport.

      After moving to Katy in June of 2008 to pursue a career in nursing, Leah became part of the CrossFit Katy family conceived by her now husband, Neal Kay. Leah earned her CrossFit Level 1 Certification in May 2009 and began coaching classes between school and training. Her efforts helped build the integral culture and evolution that is CrossFit Katy into one of the most highly respected boxes in Houston. 

      Along with coaching, Leah has been competing in CrossFit since 2010 and has made 6 appearances at the South Central and South Regional. In 2014 she along with her team CrossFit Katy finished 2nd in the South Central Regionals, launching them to a first-time appearance at the 2014 CrossFit Games in Carson, California. 

      “As a nurse, Leah works for a clinic that specializes in both functional medicine & nutrition, fueling her passion for helping people. American GAINZ Nutrition is proud to support such an amazing person and athlete.”
      —American GAINZ Nutrition