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      Athletes — dietitian

      Mekenzie Riley: 2017 Crossfit Game's Athlete / Registered Dietitian

      Mekenzie Riley:  2017 Crossfit Game's Athlete / Registered Dietitian

      Mekenzie Riley: Crossfit Athlete and Dietitian for American GAINZ Nutrition


      Meet Mekenzie Riley, an athlete and professional on a mission to make noise this 2017 Crossfit season.

      Centered on nutrition & fitness, Mekenzie has created a life for herself most fitness athletes would drool over. Armed with a Bachelors and Masters degree from Eastern Illinois in Dietetics, Mekenzie leads a career as a Registered Dietitian specializing in performance nutrition and lifestyle change. In 2015, with the Inception of Real Results Nutrition Consulting, Mekenzie managed her own nutrition practice, guiding a growing community on their own tailored nutrition journeys promoting happier and healthier lives.

      Growing up strong, Mekenzie excelled in multiple sports; competitive swimming became the focal point that led her to compete in college. After moving to a new town post-graduation in 2012, Mekenzie was in the market for a gym to replace the competitive void left behind from her swimming days. With her husband by her side, Crossfit was found.  Kenzie, not too long ago (Jan 2018) wrote a blog that touched the entire fitness community, you can check it out here for a deeper dive into what makes Kenzie tick: "Letter to My Younger Self".

      Immediately hooked with the intensity void filled, Mekenzie began developing and evolving into a competitive Crossfitter both in physical abilities and mental fortitude. Mekenzie, with her sites locked in on earning a 2017 Games Invitation, currently trains as much as necessary to make the progress it takes to remain competitive without losing herself in the process. Unlike so many new athletes to the sport and a huge differentiator, Mekenzie is no stranger to having her finger on the pulse of “over-training.” She approaches every training session and meal cognizant of injury prevention, burning out, breaking down, and avoiding fitness becoming a chore.

      Since starting Crossfit in 2013, Mekenzie has climbed the leaderboard, recently establishing some consistency as 33rd and 37th worldwide for 2015 & 2016 Crossfit Open seasons. While always pushing herself as an individual, Mekenzie gained 4 years of regional experience through competing in the Team division. She finished off her team aspirations in 2016 where she was a member of OC3 Black of Crossfit OC3 out of in Davenport, Iowa. OC3 Black placing 5th overall in the 2016 CrossFit Games left Mekenzie with amazing experiences but also hungry to test her might as individual athlete.

      Mekenzie’s goal this season was to qualify individually for the 2017 Crossfit Games, with her explosive event 6 win at the Atlantic Regional she solidified her Games spot and a 3rd place overall finish at the Regional competition.  More importantly than her 2017 goals, Mekenzie wishes to continue making longitudinal progress and pushing her limits daily. Priding herself in exploring new places, meeting new people, enjoying the relationships she has built, and creating opportunities to help people through the Crossfit Community is why we at American GAINZ Nutrition are in 110% support of Mekenzie!!!

      “We’ll always remember our first correspondence with Mekenzie, something about “forging her personal career to allow for a better training environment, ready to F*** S*** up this 2017 fitness season.” It doesn’t get much better than finding an athlete that matches our brand spirit with that kind of positive intensity. We are proud to support such an amazing professional and athlete.”  

      —American GAINZ Nutrition