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      Athletes — coach

      Tommy Vinas: 2017 Crossfit Game's Athlete / Coach

      Tommy Vinas: 2017 Crossfit Game's Athlete / Coach

      Tommy Vinas: Crossfit Athlete

      Photo Credit: @rxdarkroom

      “My first time trying American GAINZ, I was truly amazed by how clean this post-workout was. I also was impressed with the rich chocolaty flavor it has, by far the best post-workout I have ever taken. I am super excited to have the opportunity to represent a company that is all about the quality of their products and not just the hype behind it. In American GAINZ I trust.”
      —Tommy Vinas

      Tommy’s athletic abilities were discovered long before the sport of Crossfit. As a child, Tommy had a passion for the pool, and swimming became the platform in which Tommy developed his competitive drive. By the time Tommy entered high school, his skills in the pool led him to the state meet year after year, ultimately placing him top ten consecutive years before graduation.

      The sport of fitness entered Tommy’s life during his junior year of high school; like so many natural competitors, he was hooked. Without hesitation Tommy earned his level 1 certification and began to feed his hunger for teaching others as a coach at Crossfit Fury (Arizona) in the South West Region. A few of Tommy’s most notable fitness achievements include:

      • Taking 15th at the 2015 South Regional as an 18 year old!!! 
      • Competing as a Pro Individual at the Granite Games
      • Competing side by side with Jared Astle & Cole Marshburn (American GAINZ Athletes) at Wodapalooza as Pro Team
      • Competing as Pro Individual at the Infinite Strength Games, taking 2nd place behind Marcus Filly

      Tommy is American GAINZ Nutrition’s youngest athlete, and with the world at his feet, Tommy utilizes his talents to work with and inspire anyone and everyone. During the summers Tommy’s favorite aspect of coaching is getting to interact with and develop the skill sets of Special Olympic kids looking to complete in a triathlon at the end of summer. The rest of the year Tommy is hard at work, mentoring kids & teenagers to achieve their athletic aspirations. Although Tommy’s athletic goal is to become a top Games Athlete, his coaching goal of running a successful student athlete program supporting teenagers is what drives him to succeed.

      “Tommy is a patriot and a great example of the potential of his generation. Without a doubt Tommy will meet and exceed his goals as a coach and athlete and we are thrilled to support him through that journey.”
      —American GAINZ Nutrition

      Marco Coppola / Crossfit Overtake Head Coach & Owner / Crossfit - Level 1, Strongman, and Movement & Mobility Certified

      Marco Coppola / Crossfit Overtake Head Coach & Owner / Crossfit - Level 1, Strongman, and Movement & Mobility Certified

      Marco Coppola, Crossfit Overtake Head Coach & Owner, Strongman, for American GAINZ Nutrition

      “I’m excited to support a local business, and American GAINZ has made it easy. With the mission of transparency and integrity sourcing all ingredients from the U.S. of A., what’s not to like?” 
      —Marco Coppola

      Meet Marco Coppola: Head coach & Owner of Crossfit Overtake, nationally ranked top 10 weightlifter (105 kg), NGPL Grid athlete (Miami Surge) as well as the powerhouse element on the South Regional 2016 Team Champions, #TeamDensity.

      Born and raised in Texas, hailing from North Houston, Marco grew up playing multiple sports which ultimately lead to a 17-year career playing football. Starting at just 6 years of age and finishing as a professional playing at the highest levels, Marco developed a solid skillset he now calls upon moving heavy weight—and moving it fast—in the sport of Crossfit.

      With a formal degree in Exercise Sport Science, head coach Marco understands the value of education & experience when cultivating a close knit, family-oriented box. Just a few accolades that lend to his leadership & coaching abilities:

      • 2013 American Open, Dallas TX. 8th place, 94kg.
      • 2013 Crossfit Regional Team, South Central Region. 6th place.
      • 2014 American Open, Washington DC. 7th place, 105kg.
      • 2014 Crossfit Regional Athlete, South Central Region.
      • 2014 Grid Athlete, NGPL Miami Surge. Semifinalist.
      • CrossFit Games Regional athlete 2013-2015
      • National Level qualified Weightlifter 2013-present
      • NPGL - Grid athlete for Miami Surge 2014 & 2015(Won Best Barbell Mover)
      • 2016 South Regional Team Champions #TeamDensity 

      Although fitness means a lot to Marco, he cherishes nothing more than time spent with his family, consisting of 2 English Bulldogs and beloved wife. Extremely humble in his successes at such a young age, Marco acknowledges and is thankful of everything God has blessed him with.

      “We at American GAINZ Nutrition are proud to welcome such hard working and dedicated professional to our roster of AGN athletes. We look forward to supporting Marco and his ambitions to further develop the community and program he’s built over the last several few years in Spring, Texas.” 
      —American GAINZ Nutrition


      Teresa Trojanowski: 2017 Crossfit Games Masters Athlete, Crossfit Central Houston Owner

      Teresa Trojanowski: 2017 Crossfit Games Masters Athlete, Crossfit Central Houston Owner

      Teresa Trojanowski, athlete for American GAINZ

      We are proud to announce Teresa Trojanowski of Crossfit Central Houston joining the American GAINZ athlete family. As a Regional Athlete Veteran since 2011, Teresa has gained immense popularity as a Houston favorite athlete representing Crossfit Central Houston, a box grounded by a welcoming, family-like culture.

      Growing up strong, Teresa started her athletic career at a young age. At the age of 3 up until her teens, she developed as a gymnast. Then from basketball in middle school to track & field in high school, Teresa ultimately landed at Rice University in Houston, where she continued her Track & Field aspirations as a member of a 5-time WAC Conference championship team. Starting out as a Jill of all trades and competing as a heptathlete with noticeable talent in the hammer throw, it became evident that strength and explosiveness were in Teresa’s wheelhouse. Teresa went on to achieving a school record in the hammer throw.

      Like so many of the athletes we support, Teresa’s education backs up her passion for health and wellness. During her time at Rice University, she earned a BA in Health Science and Management as well as Masters in education. After graduation Teresa began to hydrate her love for teaching others as a full-time middle school math teacher. Introduced to Crossfit in 2010, it wasn’t long before Teresa was competing at the Regional level as a team member in 2011. Shortly after in 2012, a joint decision was made to invest in her passion and open a Crossfit box with her husband Philip, pairing both her love for teaching others with her background in health sciences.

      Over the course of the next several years to date, Teresa and Philip have built something special; fostering an environment of support & comradery, Crossfit Central Houston stands as the epitome of a welcoming family culture bolstered by amazing people. As a Level 2 Trainer, Teresa is also Crossfit Weightlifting certified, Crossfit Kids certified, and Crossfit Mobility & Movement certified.

      Teresa has since competed in the Crossfit Open annually, establishing herself as an individual regional athlete veteran, competing at the 2013, 2014, 2016, & 2017 Regional event. In 2017 Teresa qualified and will compete as a Masters Athlete at the Crossfit Games in Madison.  We at American GAINZ are confident Teresa's success streak continues to build momentum into the years to come!!! 

      “When we finally met Teresa it was obvious she was one of us: super passionate about nutrition & fitness and extremely devoted to the Crossfit community. We are proud and honored to have Teresa on our side. Best of luck this 2017 Season!!!”
      —American Gainz Nutrition

      Camzin Martin: Crossfit Regional Athlete / Crossfit Coach

      Camzin Martin: Crossfit Regional Athlete / Crossfit Coach

      Camzin Martin: Crossfit Regional Athlete and Coach

      "Over this last year of training while nursing my newly born baby girl, it was of utmost importance for me to consume only the cleanest supplements to not only enhance my recovery but to do so without putting my baby at risk. Before American GAINZ there really was a void in the CrossFit recovery protein market, especially if you didn’t buy into the mass marketed big names. As my training goals for 2016 include earning my third Regional Individual invitation, I'm proud to be taking the leanest and healthiest protein available." 
      —Camzin Martin

      Growing up strong, Camzin’s athleticism was grounded in the world of gymnastics. In her home country of South Africa, Camzin experienced success at both the regional and national levels before moving with her family to the United States. Once arrived and settled, Camzin continued to develop her athletic and mentoring talents as a gymnastics coach and was ultimately introduced to Crossfit by the use of friendly peer pressure.

      Since her introduction to the sport, Camzin received her Level 1 and shortly after earned her first individual regional invitation. Her achievements include being a two-time Regional Individual qualifier out of the SoCal Region, a one-time SoCal Team competitor, and earning several CrossFit certificates. One of Cam’s most admirable accomplishments has been her long-time involvement on the CrossFit Kids seminar staff; with her love of children it’s no secret as to why she has become an incredible mother to her one-year-old daughter.

      “We at American GAINZ are so lucky to have Camzin in our corner; she has an unwavering passion for supporting the athletes around her and is truly a role model in the fitness & nutrition community. Thanks for your support!!!” 
      —American GAINZ Nutrition

      Photo Credit: Sierra Prime

      Jenn Astle: Crossfit Games Veteran / Registered Nurse / Black Magic Training

      Jenn Astle: Crossfit Games Veteran / Registered Nurse / Black Magic Training

      Jenn Jones, athlete for American GAINZ crossfit whey protein

      "Fitness is not only about end performance, but rather a journey in achieving goals that meet your definition of success.  Whenever asked about my best Crossfit performance throughout the years, I’ve always answered, 'my greatest fitness successes are not from competition, but instead earned from coaching, serving others in reaching their full potential.' American GAINZ Nutrition is all about helping others achieve their greatest level of fitness and health; this is why AGN has my support.”

      —Jenn Astle 

      For the last 6 years, Jenn Astle has been training, competing, and coaching in the sport of Crossfit.  She really needs little introduction as she is a 4-times Games Veteran, and several-time regional individual champion competing in several regions, including Mid-Atlantic Region, South Central, and now Super South Regions.  Throughout the years, Jenn has been a constant force in the off-season circuit, participating in several elite competitions such as Superfit Championships, Fittest Games, Wodapalooza, and ECC etc.

      Prior to CrossFit, Jenn was a collegiate gymnast at Western Michigan University, where she studied and earned a BSN (Bachelor of Science — Nursing).  Currently Jenn’s passion is using her degree to support the community. The overwhelming majority of Jenn’s time away from the box is spent working as a Nurse, supporting both a local high school and a hospital. When not serving patients, Jenn is a committed coach and athlete at Contender Crossfit in Corpus Christi, Texas where she is loved and supported by her, friends, fans and  husband, Jared Astle.

      Get more of Jenn Astle: CrossFit - Making Leaps and Bounds Video

      Become trained by Jenn & Jared Astle through their proven programming methodology BMT (Black Magic Training) showcased by recent success Bethany Branham earning 1st place Crossfit Open - South Central Region. 

      “Jenn is one of those classic all-star athletes that embodies exactly what our brand stands for. Her humble and gracious outlook brings amazing value to the box as well all those she is surrounded by. We are extremely thankful for Jenn’s commitment to both supporting her community, and dedicating so much of her time coaching others, a true reflection of the AGN brand.”

      —American Gainz Nutrition