Sarah Herse - L1 Crossfit coach, competitive powerlifter, and a lover of all things fitness!

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Sarah Herse - L1 Crossfit coach, competitive powerlifter for American GAINZ

We welcome to the American Gainz family Sarah Herse!!! Sarah caught the attention of American GAINZ Nutrition as she seemed to literally be everywhere we were. Emerging in all areas of health and fitness, it wasn’t long until we recognized the alignment of her values with ours, and had to send her the invite. We are stoked to support her!!

Sarah’s journey with exercising-for-time started in 2014 when she discovered Crossfit while vacationing in Belize. With a background in dance and gymnastics, the Crossfit skills involving timing, mobility, and grace easily fell within Sarah’s wheelhouse. At this time in Sarah’s professional life, she was leveraging her MBA from Cornell University and working as a management consultant.

It was in 2017 when the decision was made by Sarah to walk away from the corporate lifestyle and pursue happiness full time. If you ever get the opportunity to meet Sarah, you will quickly understand how she defines “happiness.” Happiness happens with a barbell and maybe some yoga pants; everything fitness in between is simply bonus.

Since the step change in career, Sarah fills her passion for mentoring and teaching others by coaching multiple disciplines around strength and conditioning in the Houston area. She also works on the finer details of athletes as a personal trainer. By not being tied down to any particular style of fitness, Sarah’s focus remains dynamic, tailoring a regimen based on desired goals, everything from 50 lbs increase on a deadlift to looking and feeling sexy teaching a booty class.

As a competitor, Sarah trains daily. By being fluent in Crossfit, Powerlifiting, and Olympic weightlifting, Sarah continues to constantly learn and add to her library to teach from. She recently earned an achievement as a 57 kg powerlifter with USAPL, when Sarah qualified for the 2017 Nationals.

In the years to come, Sara wishes for continued growth in the world of fitness and to ultimately incorporate her business background to expose even more people to the amazing aspects of feeling great every day!


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