Emma Mason: Inspirational Athlete & Nurse

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Discovering Emma - 

When we first came across Emma Mason on Instagram, the idea of her alone was enough to pay closer attention. Her energy and unpredictable patterns of spice and honesty were captivating to say the least. With her town of Peachtree Georgia residing only 3 hours outside where we source for PB Gainz, extending Emma our official invite to join the AGN family just seemed natural.

Emma's Athletic Story - 

Being no stranger to athletics, like so many Olympic lifters or fitness athletes, Emma started young and fed her hunger for competition on the soccer field. When the formal structure provided by athletics pre-college came to close, it was a relationship that served as the attractive force that brought Emma back to the world of competitive fitness.

Just 2 years after being introduced to CrossFit, the fascination of becoming strong paired with her lifelong proclivity towards being a tomboy, Emma decided to pursue weightlifting. She trained and started competing, qualified for University Nationals, and continued competing until shoulder injuries demanded time off from the Olympic weightlifting platform.

What better way to attack rehab than to push the body into metcon shape, lol. Now here we are in 2018 and Emma’s back at it, just now enjoying being healthy and taking the time to tackle her weaknesses. We at American Gainz are excited for Emma and thrilled to see her get back into the competitive CrossFit swing of things. 

What Really Matters - 

In meeting Emma, one of the fun facts we learned early on was that fitness is something Emma loves, but it’s certainly not the aspect of Emma’s life that defines her. Emma’s passion for helping people is realized by her actions and choices outside of the box. From attending esthetician school with the goal of helping women feel beautiful, to working in the ICU, and now having graduated nursing school this past August; all these choices made, serve as a testament of what Emma values in life and what we at American Gainz love supporting!

The balancing act that’s necessary to juggle the life Emma chooses to pursue is inspirational. We welcome Emma to the AGN family and value greatly her commitments to the fitness and health community. With her energy and unpredictable spice we can’t wait to see Emma find incredible successes while supporting all those around her and creating some healthy noise! Welcome aboard Emma!

~ American GAINZ Nutrition

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