Carrie Sabo: CrossFit Athlete / CrossFit Gym Owner and Head Coach / National Qualified Olympic Weightlifter / Certified Personal Trainer

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Carrie Sabo: 	CrossFit Athlete,  CrossFit Gym Owner and Head Coach,  National Qualified Olympic Weightlifter,  Certified Personal Trainer

“I spend countless hours in the gym between coaching and training. Recovery plays a huge factor in my performance. American GAINZ post-workout protein is clean and easy on my sensitive stomach. I am so glad to have found a product that I can trust for myself and also for my athletes and clients.”
—Carrie Sabo

Sports and physical activities have played a huge role in Carrie's life. Growing up, she excelled at many different sports including figure skating, basketball, soccer, and competitive track and field, specializing as a pole-vaulter. After high school, Carrie began regular weight training with the hopes to compete in figure competitions when she discovered CrossFit.

Carrie has been training and competing in CrossFit for almost four years and USAW Olympic Weightlifting for almost one year. She became a certified personal trainer in summer of 2014 and received her CrossFit Level 1 in spring of 2014. She and her boyfriend Michael opened their CrossFit box—Man Made CrossFit—in fall of 2014.

Carrie finished top 50 in the South Central Region the past two years (38th in 2015 and 46th in 2016) and qualified for the 2016 USAW American Open at her very first sanctioned weightlifting meet. Carrie not only has a passion for training at a competitive level in both CrossFit and Weightlifting, but an even bigger passion for coaching and helping others reach an elite level of fitness.

“We are beyond proud to support Carrie’s passion for health, wellness, and nutrition, which makes her the perfect addition to the American GAINZ Athlete Family. Her energy is contagious as a coach and resonates throughout the extremely sought-after culture established by all the members at Man Made CrossFit!!!”
—American Gainz Nutrition

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