Hannah Richards: Crossfit Regional Athlete / NPGL Miami Surge

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Hannah Richards: Crossfit Regional Athlete and NPGL Miami Surge

Photo Credit: Antionio Pandolfo

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—Hannah Richards

Hannah is a former gymnast of 18+ years and has coached gymnastics for more than 10 years. Ever since high school, Hannah has pushed herself in the sport of fitness. In track and field, Hannah specialized in jumps, sprints, and hurdles, winning a State Championship in pole vaulting in 2003, which ultimately earned her a place on the University of Florida Track Team. Go Gators!

Hannah started CrossFit in October of 2011 and was level 1 certified by February the following year. She immediately became recognized in local competitions and then went on to qualify for the 2014 Southeast Regional where she shared the leader board rankings with the likes of Emily Bridgers, Talayna Fortunado, and Lauren Brooks, placing 4th overall.

In 2015, Hannah continued her efforts in competing at the Crossfit regional and also joined the NPGL (National Pro Grid League) competing for the Miami Surge as a gymnastics specialist.

American GAINZ Nutrition is proud to support Hannah Richards as an incredible coach, athlete, and patriot. If ever the opportunity presents itself, we encourage you meet Hannah at one of her Wod-Freak Seminars where she delivers an impressive combination of instruction and demonstration.

"The best part about supporting an athlete such as Hannah—she is solely driven by the impact she has the ability to create towards changing the lives of all the athletes she supports, coaches, and trains with wherever she is.”

—American Gainz Nutrition

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