Jordan Weichers: Olympic Weightlifter / Head Crossfit Coach

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Jordan Weichers: Crossfit Athlete, Coach, and Weightlifter

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—Jordan Weichers 

Meet Jordan Weichers, one of our first athletes to measure success in terms of kilos, rather than pounds. She is a 22-year-old weightlifter and head coach at Crossfit H-town (Houston, Texas) competing in the 58kg weight class with current personal record lifts @ 84kg Snatch and 111kg Clean & Jerk.

Jordan started competing competitively in the sport of weightlifting in the spring of 2015 and found immediate success in the sport. She is currently ranked 3rd in the USA in the 58kg weight class and 15th overall in all weight classes. Prior to weightlifting, Jordan was an alternate on CrossFit Kilo’s 2014 and 2015 CrossFit Games Team while earning an Exercise Science Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Northern Iowa. Although she found great success in CrossFit, her passion for weightlifting has certainly become her main focus. In March 2016, Jordan achieved the opportunity to become a member of California Strength’s Weightlifting team!!!

Some of Jordan’s accomplishments are as follows:
  • Senior Olympic Trials February 2016: 
    83kg Snatch and 105kg Clean and Jerk. Finished first in the 58kg weight class and 3rd overall in all weight classes
  • American Open December 2015: 
    3rd in Clean and Jerk (105kg) and 5th Overall (182kg) in the 58kg weight class
  • Nationals August 2015: 
    6th in Clean and Jerk (100kg) and 17th Overall (170kg) in the 63kg weight class
  • Weightlifting Regionals May 2015: 
    3rd in Clean and Jerk (96kg) and 3rd Overall (164kg) in the 63kg weight class
“We are extremely excited to have Jordan as a part of the American Gainz Team!  Being an Olympic weightlifter, Jordan understands the importance of utilizing a protein that doesn’t expose her to unnecessary calories or fillers as making weight is a critical piece in the world of Olympic lifting.  As a rising star in weightlifting, we support Jordan in all her future successes as a lifter and coach -- love the energy and patriotism, keep it up!!!”
—American GAINZ Nutrition

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