Tommy Vinas: 2017 Crossfit Game's Athlete / Coach

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Tommy Vinas: Crossfit Athlete

Photo Credit: @rxdarkroom

“My first time trying American GAINZ, I was truly amazed by how clean this post-workout was. I also was impressed with the rich chocolaty flavor it has, by far the best post-workout I have ever taken. I am super excited to have the opportunity to represent a company that is all about the quality of their products and not just the hype behind it. In American GAINZ I trust.”
—Tommy Vinas

Tommy’s athletic abilities were discovered long before the sport of Crossfit. As a child, Tommy had a passion for the pool, and swimming became the platform in which Tommy developed his competitive drive. By the time Tommy entered high school, his skills in the pool led him to the state meet year after year, ultimately placing him top ten consecutive years before graduation.

The sport of fitness entered Tommy’s life during his junior year of high school; like so many natural competitors, he was hooked. Without hesitation Tommy earned his level 1 certification and began to feed his hunger for teaching others as a coach at Crossfit Fury (Arizona) in the South West Region. A few of Tommy’s most notable fitness achievements include:

  • Taking 15th at the 2015 South Regional as an 18 year old!!! 
  • Competing as a Pro Individual at the Granite Games
  • Competing side by side with Jared Astle & Cole Marshburn (American GAINZ Athletes) at Wodapalooza as Pro Team
  • Competing as Pro Individual at the Infinite Strength Games, taking 2nd place behind Marcus Filly

Tommy is American GAINZ Nutrition’s youngest athlete, and with the world at his feet, Tommy utilizes his talents to work with and inspire anyone and everyone. During the summers Tommy’s favorite aspect of coaching is getting to interact with and develop the skill sets of Special Olympic kids looking to complete in a triathlon at the end of summer. The rest of the year Tommy is hard at work, mentoring kids & teenagers to achieve their athletic aspirations. Although Tommy’s athletic goal is to become a top Games Athlete, his coaching goal of running a successful student athlete program supporting teenagers is what drives him to succeed.

“Tommy is a patriot and a great example of the potential of his generation. Without a doubt Tommy will meet and exceed his goals as a coach and athlete and we are thrilled to support him through that journey.”
—American GAINZ Nutrition

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