Teresa Trojanowski, athlete for American GAINZ

We are proud to announce Teresa Trojanowski of Crossfit Central Houston joining the American GAINZ athlete family. As a Regional Athlete Veteran since 2011, Teresa has gained immense popularity as a Houston favorite athlete representing Crossfit Central Houston, a box grounded by a welcoming, family-like culture.

Growing up strong, Teresa started her athletic career at a young age. At the age of 3 up until her tee... Read More

Mekenzie Riley: Crossfit Athlete and Dietitian for American GAINZ Nutrition


Meet Mekenzie Riley, an athlete and professional on a mission to make noise this 2017 Crossfit season.

Centered on nutrition & fitness, Mekenzie has created a life for herself most fitness athletes would drool over. Armed with a Bachelors and Masters degree from Eastern Illinois in Dietetics, Mekenzie leads a career as a Registered Dietitian specializing in performance nutrition and lifestyl... Read More

Bethany Branham, crossfit athlete for American GAINZ

“Words can’t express how thankful I am to both my mentors Jenn & Jared Astle as well as American GAINZ Nutrition for supporting me as I train towards the 2017 CrossFit season.”
– Bethany Branham, CrossFit Hutto

For the overwhelming majority of Bethany’s athletic career, CrossFit wasn’t even an afterthought. It wasn’t until a back injury forced Bethany to retire from an 8-year c... Read More

Marco Coppola, Crossfit Overtake Head Coach & Owner, Strongman, for American GAINZ Nutrition

“I’m excited to support a local business, and American GAINZ has made it easy. With the mission of transparency and integrity sourcing all ingredients from the U.S. of A., what’s not to like?” 
—Marco Coppola

Meet Marco Coppola: Head coach & Owner of Crossfit Overtake, nationally ranked top 10 weightlifter (105 kg), NGPL Grid athlete (Mi... Read More

Carrie Sabo: 	CrossFit Athlete,  CrossFit Gym Owner and Head Coach,  National Qualified Olympic Weightlifter,  Certified Personal Trainer

“I spend countless hours in the gym between coaching and training. Recovery plays a huge factor in my performance. American GAINZ post-workout protein is clean and easy on my sensitive stomach. I am so glad to have found a product that I can trust for myself and also for my athletes and clients.”
—Carr... Read More

Jenn Jones, athlete for American GAINZ crossfit whey protein

"Fitness is not only about end performance, but rather a journey in achieving goals that meet your definition of success.  Whenever asked about my best Crossfit performance throughout the years, I’ve always answered, 'my greatest fitness successes are not from competition, but instead earned from coaching, serving others in reaching their full potential.' American GAINZ Nutrition is all about he... Read More

Janet Black: Games Veteran and Special Education Teacher

Photo Credit: Freddy Hinojosa

“I am extremely excited to be a part of the American GAINZ Team! Over the years I have become more aware of what products I put in my body and I am grateful to have found a quality protein that works for me.”
—Janet Black

Meet Janet Black: A full-time Special Education teacher... Read More

Hannah Richards: Crossfit Regional Athlete and NPGL Miami Surge

"I do appreciate the opportunity to support everything American Gainz stands for. Tactical Recovery truly marks an industry step change in performance when focused on a lean, clean, and traceable recovery protein."

—Hannah Richards

Hannah is a former gymnast of 18+ years and has coached gymnastics for more than 10 y... Read More

“You will immediately taste and feel the difference, Tactical Recovery is the leanest and cleanest hands down the best post workout recovery protein in the industry”
—Jared Astle

Jared served in the US Navy for 6 years as an Aviation Rescue Swimmer and Crew-chief on an MH-60S. During this time he had completed four deployments spanning the breadth of the Middle East while performing a multitude of duties.
<... Read More

Tommy Vinas: Crossfit Athlete

Photo Credit: @rxdarkroom

“My first time trying American GAINZ, I was truly amazed by how clean this post-workout was. I also was impressed with the rich chocolaty flavor it has, by far the best post-workout I have ever taken. I am super excited to hav... Read More

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