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      Emma Mason: Inspirational Athlete & Nurse

      Discovering Emma - 

      When we first came across Emma Mason on Instagram, the idea of her alone was enough to pay closer attention. Her energy and unpredictable patterns of spice and honesty were captivating to say the least. With her town of Peachtree Georgia residing only 3 hours outside where we source for PB Gainz, extending Emma our official invite to join the AGN family just seemed natural.

      Emma's Athletic Story - 

      Being no stranger to athletics, like so many Olympic lifters or fitness athletes, Emma started young and fed her hunger for competition on the soccer field. When the formal structure provided by athletics pre-college came to close, it was a relationship that served as the attractive force that brought Emma back to the world of competitive fitness.

      Just 2 years after being introduced to CrossFit, the fascination of becoming strong paired with her lifelong proclivity towards being a tomboy, Emma decided to pursue weightlifting. She trained and started competing, qualified for University Nationals, and continued competing until shoulder injuries demanded time off from the Olympic weightlifting platform.

      What better way to attack rehab than to push the body into metcon shape, lol. Now here we are in 2018 and Emma’s back at it, just now enjoying being healthy and taking the time to tackle her weaknesses. We at American Gainz are excited for Emma and thrilled to see her get back into the competitive CrossFit swing of things. 

      What Really Matters - 

      In meeting Emma, one of the fun facts we learned early on was that fitness is something Emma loves, but it’s certainly not the aspect of Emma’s life that defines her. Emma’s passion for helping people is realized by her actions and choices outside of the box. From attending esthetician school with the goal of helping women feel beautiful, to working in the ICU, and now having graduated nursing school this past August; all these choices made, serve as a testament of what Emma values in life and what we at American Gainz love supporting!

      The balancing act that’s necessary to juggle the life Emma chooses to pursue is inspirational. We welcome Emma to the AGN family and value greatly her commitments to the fitness and health community. With her energy and unpredictable spice we can’t wait to see Emma find incredible successes while supporting all those around her and creating some healthy noise! Welcome aboard Emma!

      ~ American GAINZ Nutrition

      Matt Haynes: Athlete & Coach / CrossFit Westwood Founder

      Matt Haynes:  Athlete & Coach / CrossFit Westwood

      Matt Haynes, the Man, the Myth...

      For the mass majority of those that currently make up the CrossFit community, Matt Haynes would be considered an OG of the sport; one of the early adopters that made up the initial waves of the intense CrossFit global boom.  For many, Matt helped redefine fitness, and to this day still serves the community as a role model athlete & coach. As the founder of American Gainz, I can proudly admit, it was those years 2011-2013 when I became an addict for the community that Matt help build, thus very excited to welcome Matt to the team!!!

      The Elephant in the Room...

      Matt’s passion for CrossFit took off in 2011, with an athletic background across several disciplines, Matt will be the first to tell you that his belief in CrossFit being the most exciting and effective way to exercise is a strong as the elephant that symbolizes the culture Matt strives to maintain at CrossFit Westwood.

      To Matt, the Elephant is commensurate with Strength, Health & Longevity, Family and Nutrition. As a coach, Matt recognizes the massive ears on the elephant as a reminder that listening is the key to supporting any athlete’s aspirations in achieving their goals.

      The Passion...

      As a coach since 2012, Matt can draw from his competitive experiences as both an individual regional competitor but also as part of a team. Although still motivated to push himself and working out being the highlight of his day, Matt’s focus has shifted from being a competitive individual and more towards coaching, culture building, and sharing the benefits of fitness to others.

      Matt’s credentials include:
      • Texas A&M University: Bachelor of Science, Sports Conditioning
      • Individual and Team - Regional Competitor – South Central
      • CrossFit Level 1
      • CrossFit Level 2
      • CrossFit Gymnastics

      At American Gainz, we recognized Matt’s passion for the health and fitness community as a calling to invite him to join the tight family of inspirations that make up the AGN team. Welcome aboard Brotha!

      ~ American Gainz Nutrition

      Mekenzie Riley: 2017 Crossfit Game's Athlete / Registered Dietitian

      Mekenzie Riley:  2017 Crossfit Game's Athlete / Registered Dietitian

      Mekenzie Riley: Crossfit Athlete and Dietitian for American GAINZ Nutrition


      Meet Mekenzie Riley, an athlete and professional on a mission to make noise this 2017 Crossfit season.

      Centered on nutrition & fitness, Mekenzie has created a life for herself most fitness athletes would drool over. Armed with a Bachelors and Masters degree from Eastern Illinois in Dietetics, Mekenzie leads a career as a Registered Dietitian specializing in performance nutrition and lifestyle change. In 2015, with the Inception of Real Results Nutrition Consulting, Mekenzie managed her own nutrition practice, guiding a growing community on their own tailored nutrition journeys promoting happier and healthier lives.

      Growing up strong, Mekenzie excelled in multiple sports; competitive swimming became the focal point that led her to compete in college. After moving to a new town post-graduation in 2012, Mekenzie was in the market for a gym to replace the competitive void left behind from her swimming days. With her husband by her side, Crossfit was found.  Kenzie, not too long ago (Jan 2018) wrote a blog that touched the entire fitness community, you can check it out here for a deeper dive into what makes Kenzie tick: "Letter to My Younger Self".

      Immediately hooked with the intensity void filled, Mekenzie began developing and evolving into a competitive Crossfitter both in physical abilities and mental fortitude. Mekenzie, with her sites locked in on earning a 2017 Games Invitation, currently trains as much as necessary to make the progress it takes to remain competitive without losing herself in the process. Unlike so many new athletes to the sport and a huge differentiator, Mekenzie is no stranger to having her finger on the pulse of “over-training.” She approaches every training session and meal cognizant of injury prevention, burning out, breaking down, and avoiding fitness becoming a chore.

      Since starting Crossfit in 2013, Mekenzie has climbed the leaderboard, recently establishing some consistency as 33rd and 37th worldwide for 2015 & 2016 Crossfit Open seasons. While always pushing herself as an individual, Mekenzie gained 4 years of regional experience through competing in the Team division. She finished off her team aspirations in 2016 where she was a member of OC3 Black of Crossfit OC3 out of in Davenport, Iowa. OC3 Black placing 5th overall in the 2016 CrossFit Games left Mekenzie with amazing experiences but also hungry to test her might as individual athlete.

      Mekenzie’s goal this season was to qualify individually for the 2017 Crossfit Games, with her explosive event 6 win at the Atlantic Regional she solidified her Games spot and a 3rd place overall finish at the Regional competition.  More importantly than her 2017 goals, Mekenzie wishes to continue making longitudinal progress and pushing her limits daily. Priding herself in exploring new places, meeting new people, enjoying the relationships she has built, and creating opportunities to help people through the Crossfit Community is why we at American GAINZ Nutrition are in 110% support of Mekenzie!!!

      “We’ll always remember our first correspondence with Mekenzie, something about “forging her personal career to allow for a better training environment, ready to F*** S*** up this 2017 fitness season.” It doesn’t get much better than finding an athlete that matches our brand spirit with that kind of positive intensity. We are proud to support such an amazing professional and athlete.”  

      —American GAINZ Nutrition



      Tommy Vinas: 2017 Crossfit Game's Athlete / Coach

      Tommy Vinas: 2017 Crossfit Game's Athlete / Coach

      Tommy Vinas: Crossfit Athlete

      Photo Credit: @rxdarkroom

      “My first time trying American GAINZ, I was truly amazed by how clean this post-workout was. I also was impressed with the rich chocolaty flavor it has, by far the best post-workout I have ever taken. I am super excited to have the opportunity to represent a company that is all about the quality of their products and not just the hype behind it. In American GAINZ I trust.”
      —Tommy Vinas

      Tommy’s athletic abilities were discovered long before the sport of Crossfit. As a child, Tommy had a passion for the pool, and swimming became the platform in which Tommy developed his competitive drive. By the time Tommy entered high school, his skills in the pool led him to the state meet year after year, ultimately placing him top ten consecutive years before graduation.

      The sport of fitness entered Tommy’s life during his junior year of high school; like so many natural competitors, he was hooked. Without hesitation Tommy earned his level 1 certification and began to feed his hunger for teaching others as a coach at Crossfit Fury (Arizona) in the South West Region. A few of Tommy’s most notable fitness achievements include:

      • Taking 15th at the 2015 South Regional as an 18 year old!!! 
      • Competing as a Pro Individual at the Granite Games
      • Competing side by side with Jared Astle & Cole Marshburn (American GAINZ Athletes) at Wodapalooza as Pro Team
      • Competing as Pro Individual at the Infinite Strength Games, taking 2nd place behind Marcus Filly

      Tommy is American GAINZ Nutrition’s youngest athlete, and with the world at his feet, Tommy utilizes his talents to work with and inspire anyone and everyone. During the summers Tommy’s favorite aspect of coaching is getting to interact with and develop the skill sets of Special Olympic kids looking to complete in a triathlon at the end of summer. The rest of the year Tommy is hard at work, mentoring kids & teenagers to achieve their athletic aspirations. Although Tommy’s athletic goal is to become a top Games Athlete, his coaching goal of running a successful student athlete program supporting teenagers is what drives him to succeed.

      “Tommy is a patriot and a great example of the potential of his generation. Without a doubt Tommy will meet and exceed his goals as a coach and athlete and we are thrilled to support him through that journey.”
      —American GAINZ Nutrition

      Bethany Shadburne: 2017 CrossFit Game's Athlete

      Bethany Shadburne: 2017 CrossFit Game's Athlete

      Bethany Branham, crossfit athlete for American GAINZ

      “Words can’t express how thankful I am to both my mentors Jenn & Jared Astle as well as American GAINZ Nutrition for supporting me as I train towards the 2017 CrossFit season.”
      – Bethany ShadburneStreamline Crossfit

      For the overwhelming majority of Bethany’s athletic career, CrossFit wasn’t even an afterthought. It wasn’t until a back injury forced Bethany to retire from an 8-year career in competitive gymnastics that she started developing a more well-rounded skill set taking on several different sports.

      Once fully recovered, Bethany redirected her energy towards the endurance sports, competing in several half-marathons and sprint triathlons. Soon after her running phase, she found herself competing in bodybuilding as a women's physique competitor. Although long distance running and bodybuilding are rewarding in their own right, the void created by no longer competing in gymnastics wasn’t filled.

      It wasn’t until after getting married that Bethany’s husband helped introduce the sport of CrossFit to her as just “something to try.” With the understanding that if you are not currently in the CrossFit cult, the perception of the sport—especially coming from the world of body building—is a bit taboo. None the less, the rest is history!!!

      After the first year of essentially playing and having fun in CrossFit, it seemed obvious that Bethany’s potential in the sport was dying to be hydrated. Her awesome husband then reached out to a games veteran, amazing person, and AGN athlete Jenn Astle (formerly Jenn Jones) for guidance. Only described as “an experience I’ll never forget” early post open in 2016, Bethany found herself working out with the elite Crossfit couple, soon-to-be husband and wife Jenn & Jared Astle following Black Magic Training.

      Over the course of the next 6 months, under the mentorship and guidance of Jared, Bethany’s life has dramatically changed for the better. Bethany has noticed remarkable improvement not only in her athletic capability but also her mindset.  We believe Bethany is on the road to earning great success in this sport and competing at the highest levels.

      Bethany’s short term goals just this year included a 2017 placing at Wodapalooza in Mia in which she finished 1st place in the Rx Division, and of course, achieving a top 20 spot in this year’s 2017 Open in which she rose to the top finishing 1st overall in the South Central Region.  She then went on to place 4th at the South Regional qualifying for the 2017 Crossfit Games in Madison this summer!!!

      “Bethany has displayed extraordinary potential and is the epitome of a 'coach’s dream athlete.' It’s no secret that, when potential meets experience, the sky becomes the limit; we are proud to welcome Bethany to the American GAINZ family and wish her the best of luck in her 2017 CrossFit Season goals."
      —American GAINZ Nutrition